What really needs protecting?


Hi All,

Bike on the way to me and thinking ahead…..

My question is about what is vulnerable on the bike when crashing and what really needs protecting. Obviously folk bolt a lot of protection on but I am wondering if all of it is worth it? Who’s dropped one and where did it hit the ground?

A better baseplate is a no brainer, as are proper bark-busters but what else?

A lighter bike tends to crash less in my eyes but what do you think?

By the way, I’m not new to off road….

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  1. Hi Michael Caton, it is advertising but might be of interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWSwZDLjl0w

  2. Hi there!

    Not advertising any product here, but sharing a story. My T7 tipped on its side and brought my boyfriend’s T7 down domino-style. We were standing still on gravel road. His right skirt cracked and the paint job was scarred. Video here:


    Then again I’ve had my license for less than one year, and I make a lot of mistakes

  3. SW motech crash bar, front axle protection sw motech. OEM bash plate, sw motech hand guards.

  4. My Outback Motortek ultimate adventure set, mat black shipped out today

  5. Dropped mine a few times already, oem hand guards not up to the job and switched to bark busters. The crash bars have definitely prevented damage to plastics and probably radiator. Also have front axle protection / rally raid plastic bolts as that area does hit the ground. Exhaust does hit the ground sometimes and I flip out the passenger pegs to absorb some of the shock

  6. For safety when hitting the ground off-road I have some extra footpegs on the crashbars of my S10. So if I drop it she is lying on the footpegs on the front and on the bags in the back. It is also much easier to lift her up. Maybe this helps on the T7 too.

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