New light bar for Can Am


Hey! New light bar. Now I gotta wire the damn thing. What do you think?

New light bar. Now I gotta wire the damn thing.

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  1. 52′ ? Looks like same one I have

  2. its a 50" curved probably should have gotten the 52. had to get some spacers to make it tight but im real happy with the quality of the light

  3. I’m doing the same tonight.

  4. wheres a good place to buy accessories and not pricey? need everything basically..haha

  5. Jeremy Tisland roof not cut to mount.

  6. I fished my wires through the roll cage. There’s a hole in the cage right in the corner by your mount bracket. Down the tube and under the dash. Made an exit for the wires and to a switch.

  7. Just got done!

  8. Nice Trae Ripplinger… you’ve got talent!!!

  9. Casey Tubbert did you need to add a second battery for the lights? Or is the stock sufficient?

  10. Reyes Jr Gutierrez

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