Half, full or vented windshield?


What is recommended buy half, full or vented windshield? An why?

(Photoshopped wheels to see how it would look ­čśé)

Half, full or vented windshield?

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  1. I liked the half windshield! Took enough cold air from ur body in winter and doesn’t get dusty where u can see out or need to clean it!

  2. half. i’m not happy with factory windshield though…too low

  3. Full vented…

  4. If you ride it out on the street, like in the city, definitely full.
    Our kids like to go to dinner or ice cream or friends houses in it. We bought the half and are going to go full bc of that alone.
    I know it’s m

  5. If you get a full (and assuming it’s not glass) make sure it’s hardcoated. Last thing you want is a scratched to hell windshield after one ride

  6. I don’t like any I don’t think they really do a whole lot for you and the X3 is hard enough to see over the front and enough without a windshield that’s dirty

  7. I just put a OEM Full Hard Coated windshield on Blue Balls .. not used it yet , but if it’s a pile of Dog Shit , I’ll let others know.

  8. Full. It does make it hotter in the summer but rest of year very worth it.

  9. I’m selling a nearly new hardcoated factory windshield for $375. I’m going to be in Yuma next Wed.

  10. Rene I have one you could have.

    Only used for about 80 miles.

  11. I think you are going to get different perspectives on your question. We have/had a half tinted windshield. For our desert riding it collected dust and was impossible to keep clean. We took it off a few months back and I am happier without it. We are considering a full glass windshield now, but after our ride in the mud last weekend, I think that would have been even worse?? I just don’t think there is a one correct answer for all conditions. .. so whatever you do, try to get one that is easily removed

  12. I’ve have a full glass windshield on mine it’s fantastic when you’re riding in cold weather I do remove it for riding in warmer weather though

  13. I have full BRP windshield in mint condition. I’d sell for $750 (sells new for 950 w/out wiper kit)

  14. I prefer no windshield cuts down on your visibility

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