Doesn’t have a part number on. What is this for?


Might be dumb question but wasn't told and doesn't have a part number on. What is this for? Came in the bag with manuals and tool bag.
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Doesn't have a part number on. What is this for?

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  1. to open the secondary clutch to change the belt.

  2. The instructions for its use are in the manual it was packaged with.

  3. My 2015 XDS Turbo has one similar to that one

  4. Get very familiar with this tool and belt changing/maintenance procedures.

  5. New to the sxs world so sorry for the dumb question.

  6. It’s not a dumb question, but I highly recommend doing several belt change dry runs from the comfort of your home before you’re stuck learning on the trail.

  7. Carry a spare belt, and invest in tools that make removing the belt box cover easier. The OEM tool kit is very generic. Blow out your clutches with compressed air frequently.

  8. Your salesman wasn’t Very good if he didn’t tell you.

  9. Go to Damien Bralley shop and get you a greasing tool , it will come in handy super easy to do

  10. Clutch tool to replace belt

  11. What James McDonald,said. Even if u don’t actually change the belt learn how to remove the cover, and the procedure to change the belt. At home. 99.9u0025 of the time the belt will blow without warning. Remember Murphy is alive and doing well.

  12. Tim Martinek

  13. I wondering same thing lol what it was

  14. Old school pencil sharpener

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