MSX125 and MSX125SF


Sorry for the question overload lately. Just trying to get some info before I start throwing paychecks at it. I see some sites say msx125 and some say msx125 sf. But I can’t find anywhere that says if they are different. Is there a difference?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Motors the same

  2. The only real difference is the appearance

  3. And the forks are slightly different

  4. SF also comes with ABS

  5. abs on ’18+ groms. No abs on ’17 grom SF

  6. Fork caps are different I think, so are the rearsets and the fairings.

  7. When they changed from the single front head light to the two it became the sf. \n\nOther markets have had the sf for a year longer than the US. Australia got it in 2016.

  8. Ready, SF is the newer shape ones with the angular led light. Non SF is the older shape ones with the older halogen round light.\nAnd yes Thailand and Australia were the first to get them. Way before the north America and Europe

  9. So if I’m looking for parts for my ‘18, I’m limited to the sf parts? I️ was gonna be ordering some body/appearance parts online but they weren’t under the sf section

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