Touring with the Vulcan S


Touring with the Vulcan S. Who’s done it? What was your set up? Any issues along the way?

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  1. Touring from the netherlands to scotland, the only issue i had was the weather????! Just go????

  2. I tried travelling 3000km over a week but ultimately halfed the length of my trip as my butt hurt so much from the standard seat. I even spaced out my riding with plenty of breaks but it was no good. Definitely do something about the seat before attempting.

  3. Did a 1000 mile tour this year…the Airhawk saved me ????

  4. I did only a 1000km in a 3-days span with luggage and a passenger, mostly highways and mountain roads, with standard seat (extended reach and extended pegs, higher Kawasaki bars) . No problem at all.

  5. Personally I’d get the seat re-manufactured. Gain 1.2 inch bringing the very low seat height up to 29 inches. That extra padding is all that’s needed. Yes, you loose out a little on the low rider style but gives one hell of a lot of tour comfort. Essentially though this bike isn’t about ‘touring’. PS if you are not tall then you may need to buy all the easy reach stuff to bring the foot controls back also. That’d help.

  6. I’ve toured twice on mine. 2000 miles + each time in a 2week period. \nWe limited riding to 200 miles a day so we could explore the country (it’s not just about the miles on the bike for us)\nI have small givi tank lock bag and givi panniers. Still had space to spare. Pack minimal items and use laundrettes when needed.

  7. Corbin solo saddle.

  8. We often tour with the Vulcan tent, sleeping bags etc, Best thing I bought was a gel seat for the pillion as she found the standard seat to hard. Givi sissy bar with luggage rack and Givi luggage.

  9. You guys have sensible bums lol.

  10. That’s my set up it was standard Kaw saddle bags, an add on trunk and s bag on the back seat with s roll on top. This was a weekend I had leathers in saddle bags and tools etc, clothe on back seat and trunk for locking my helmet kin and putting xtra stuff didn’t use the roll bag. Seat is tuff that’s the big prob. I did 3 days with baggers. No problems keeping up with them at all, no issues touring. They were more comfortable in the freeway than me. Michigan drivers go 80 on freeway, I don’t like that speed and in s 500 lb bike it’s a bit less comfortable but the bike was great with it.

  11. Sounds like a lovey trip. I would love to ride up to Escanaba. I also want to do a lighthouse trip too.

  12. easy bike to tour on – did a couple of weeks 2 up in Spain and Portugal earlier this year

  13. I’ve done 1100 miles in 11 days. We averaged 200 miles a day with (obviously) days we didn’t ride. We were touring our home state of NC. Cortech tailbag and Kawi saddlebags, with liners, and lock up the helmet on the helmet lock. Packed only essentials and quick dry clothing. I wear armored coat and pants, so those are worn every riding day. I’m small so my clothes pack up small. I mostly used the tailbag for rain gear and anything that I needed easy access to.

  14. This is a wee ride to Durness in Scotland…. but was also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with this set up…all this year, 2017.

  15. 2,000 miles, no issues, just use saddle bags and rear bag on backseat.

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