Kawasaki Vulcan Oil


If you can’t find Kawasaki oil what do you put in?

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  1. honda oil, it’s japanese as well

  2. Mobil 1 4T or Valvoline or Rotella T6.

  3. Valvoline synthetic

  4. Castrol Power1 10W40 4T\nIt’s a semisynthetic oil which works good with wet clutches.

  5. Valvoline vtwin engine oil 10-40 in the summer 20-50

  6. Whatever you put in it

  7. You can use any oil with a JASO MA rating and it will be fine in a wet clutch motorcycle. See explanation here: http://www.oilspecifications.org/articles/JASO_MA_JASO_MB.php

  8. Thanks for all the info everyone.

  9. Valvoline synthetic is good and cheap, also loved mobil 1

  10. Amazon has the best deal on oil

  11. Yamalube it’s literally the exact same thing

  12. Bacon grease. What could go wrong?!

  13. Full synthetic 20/50 I use mobile one but that’s not saying much because shoot dang only has 2600 on her

  14. Mobil 1 20-50 Motorcycle Oil. I’ve been running it since I had 5000 miles. I now Ave 35000 in my bike and no problems.

  15. Olive oil, if it’s good enough for Popeye it’s good enough for me

  16. Lucas Oil 10w40 IS Great!!

  17. I’ve ran Castro GTX 20/50 ever since the first oil change. 50,000 miles no problems.

  18. Royal purple….

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