Low mounted exhaust for R1


Hey guys, exhaust question. I want your opinions for low mounted exhaust what would you recommend for 09-14. I have a 2013 and am looking at the MGP Growler low mount.

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  1. I’d recommend you forget it.

  2. No really decent options? Graves low mount is a great option.

  3. sounds sooo mean

  4. Graves low mount sounds amazing makes amazing power and has awesome build quality not sure where will is getting his info. I have had multiple people tell me it is the best sounding motorcycle they have ever heard. As far as the tail it looks like ass IMO if you don’t do something. I went the custom route and used a Moto Holder subframe and custom made an undertail. If you don’t change the subframe the tail is going to look big as the subframe mimics the shape of the stock undertail.

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