What exhaust should I run for R1?


What exhaust should I run next season?

What exhaust should I run for R1?

What exhaust should I run for R1?

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  1. My graves thats for sale

  2. Graves no question

  3. don’t have money for a new exhaust its between the at the top currently running the Coffman thinking of put the yoshi back I’ll trade you for the graves though

  4. Two brothers

  5. competition werkes

  6. Toce XDDDD jk

  7. Nick Richer

  8. I have a set of carbon yoshi’ if anyone is looking as well.

  9. Next race season or next bike season??

  10. I’ve got two pairs of akrapovic for sale if interested. Carbon and TIs

  11. Akras, eu model

  12. Graves full Ti carbon lowmount

  13. Graves short exhaust is hideous

  14. Toce or graves

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