2009 R1 vs 07/08 GSXR1000?


My silly question of the day.

All things being equal (weight/conditions etc) will a 2009 R1 be competitive against an 07/08 GSXR1000? If not, what has to be done to enable the R1 to be competitive? (I am purely talking racing here, and really only concerned about the engine, as some of you know, I've put a 14b in my little racecar, the class is dominated by 07/08 gsxr powered cars so im weighing it all up as to whether im making the right decision to go ahead with it (I've always ran R1s in this car so wanted to stay there, but need to be able to keep up) Cheers

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  1. 07/08 Yamaha rite at 160 rwhp u0040 3200′ stock.

  2. I’m talking the crossplane mate, I honestly went for that particular engine due to hearing it was a torque monster etc etc, yet on paper at least it seems like it may actually be a little underpowered compared to the gixxer engine, HP figures etc not telling the whole story I thought I’d see if peoples real world experience may give me some hope.

  3. I don’t know about any of that, but I sure in hell would not pass up taking that shifter cart for a ride with a litre engine in it… Ooooooooooyea!

  4. Cheers, I have a K&N (not sure how that stacks up) and we are making a nice set of pipes for it, I plan on doing a few runs first and get the ecu flashed after that when I can find someone to flash it to suit the application. Cheers mate

  5. Nick Marino does flashing for crossplanes. From what I’ve seen and heard he’s top notch! He’s who I’ll be using in the near future. He’s also in this group.

  6. He flashed my bike an brought it to life it was like was like riding a hole new monster

  7. Depends what you want, peak HP or Torque. R1 Big Bang will give you more torque but (depending on set-up) less peak power. Also what engine characteristics work best for a bike may not necessarily work best in your car.

  8. 09-14 is hard to compete with if you know how to use it

  9. Less power is fine by me, as long as in the bike, the 14B is competitive against the gixxer, I am happy that it is worth proceeding

  10. 09+ makes 170+ the 08 I’ll barley make 160

  11. I believe you are incorrect bud ^^

  12. I know here in Australia the 09 is rated at 182 horsepower and 85Lb/Ft torque, I’m not sure which country, if any, we share tunes with,??

  13. Well I’m higher altitude so my bike makes 175ish stock

  14. At the crank ??

  15. Yeah we never have "at the wheels" ratings here..

  16. Ok I can agree with that

  17. The stock rating for the 08 r1 is 152

  18. Most r1 ’09s here roll around 170 on rollers, the gsxr engines in the racecars roll around 165 after running through a car differential

  19. So I assume the gixxer bike itself would put a bit more than the r1 seeing as the car diff sucks bulk powef

  20. 07 08 gsxr 1000 will fuck up any year r1 except 2015

  21. 07/08 gsxr 1000, 11+ zx10 is the only thing beating that for jap production bikes stock(obviously not mentioning the h2/r)….

  22. From what I understand, the crossplane cranks firing order was designed to give you more traction in corners on the bike, because there was a piston firing more frequently than a standard firing order. It looks like your cart is in the dirt, so I am not sure if it would benefit from that. The crossplane engines do have a little more torque though.

  23. First off, all this talk about bike weight. The 09-14 R1s weigh relatively the same amount wet, about 425#s. Stock 09+ R1s are putting down upper 140s-lower 150s hp wise. If we are talking about the same rider running the two different bikes. Or, two different riders of the same weight, equal skill. The GSXR will win every single time, if we are talking drag racing. The OEM GSXR is lighter, and has better factory numbers than the R1.

    If we’re talking road racing, the R1 has the edge. It’s a better road racing tuned bike. The OEM suspension is pretty good for OEM, and the bike handles like it’s on rails.

  24. R1 would be loads better . and can be made good for cars 😉

  25. From what I know…over all the crossplane was a little less power then previous years but delivered it better. As far as vs the gsxr…R1 all day. Keep it high rpms and u’ll pull !

  26. Can we see pics of the car??

  27. This is halfway through its rebuild this time arounf

  28. We run the engine north-south through a driveshaft adaptor and to this winters quick change rear end.

  29. Any motor can do those…. company i work for (cycle reapers) sells motor kits everyday for kit cars….

  30. Can anyone guess what motor this is?

  31. Nice!!! I think a little road race car would be fun as hell!!!

  32. Street legal! But not cheap

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