Looking at getting my 16 250 XC-F 4CS forks revalved


Looking at getting my 16′ 250xc-f 4cs forks revalved. I’m sure this has been discussed thousands of times so what I’m wandering is are there any 190 pound 40b or faster woods racers in the east tn area that could recommend a tuner and would let me “test ride” their forks. In a perfect world it would be great to ride my bike, back to back with one that has been revalved, converted, dal saggio kit etc. Plus I recently got into woods racing after about 13 years off a bike and could stand to meet new locals to ride with.

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  1. Enduro engineering has some really good 4cs stuff

  2. Stillwell Performance out of Scottsdale AZ best in the business for 4CS watch video on youtube

  3. Dean Burke is the man on Ohlins, dunno if he does 4CS

  4. Jared Whitaker

  5. Dean Burke sells ohlins cartridges for 4cs. Tim Clark can vouch for how good they are.

  6. I second what Christopher Smith said. If you want good work done quickly, and to be happy with it as soon as you bolt it on, and not pay a small fortune, Enduro Engineering is the way to go. They have revalved all my bikes the last 4 years, and couldn’t have been happier every time. They are based in MI, so shipping won’t be too bad either. \n517.393.2421 speak with Chris Gallt

  7. I’m getting my 2016 250xcf suspension done tomorrow by TBT in Oklahoma. I’m a 195# 60 year old B woods rider. We’re using .48 fork springs and a 4.6 shock spring. I’ll report back after I get a chance to test it

  8. Thanks for the recommendations. Seems a lot of people have “their guy” and I’m sure a lot of them are great it’s just that I would prefer to try someone else’s so I have something to compare to. I can play with oil levels and clickers some more but it can only help so much. Don’t want to waste time with valving then revalving then revalving again. I would like to know it will work before I do it.

  9. Road trip to Oklahoma! You can ride mine. You hit the nail on the head, everyone has their chosen tuner. Mine is a local rider/racer, mechanic, with a near cult local following. Give Brady Meador a shout if you want to discuss options. http://www.tbtracing.com

  10. Find a local guy that does the stuff for the guys you race with. He would know how to set up your bike to the local tracks the best. And usually will make changes for you with your feedback

  11. I ended up going with Marc Hilton at MVR (motovations racing) Near Hickory, Nc. He put in his kit to move compression to the lower legs and make both top adjusters rebound. He did a great job. The first time I rode it was at a race and the only change we made was 2 clicks in on shock rebound after 2 laps. Forks were awesome. The course was beat to hell but the bike ate up everything I pointed it at. I hit a few rocks and roots where I just knew it was going to deflect and put me on my head but it soaked them right up. That was several weeks ago and I was afraid to touch anything for a while but out of curiosity I backed the compression out on the forks 2 clicks to see what happened and it felt better so I went 2 more. Those 4 clicks helped to make a lot of the smaller logs disappear. It may change from track to track but as for a great all around setup for the type of terrain I ride in, I think I’ve found it.

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