2013 KTM 450 SXF


2013 Ktm 450sxf was riding it and it cutting out and acted like it was running out of fuel. Checked fuel and had half tank filled up with 93. Still doing the same, can here fuel pump kicking in when starting. Bike has around 22 hrs on it any recommendation?

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  1. Change the fuel filter and see whatcha get !

  2. Drain the fuel bowl also

  3. I have the same bike doing the same thing turned out it was the injector

  4. Is it a bog or is it just cutting out? Check your grounds. Does it back fire?

  5. Fuel filter…maybe injector

  6. It back fires sometimes but mostly bogs, I replaced fuel filter

  7. Just start doing it? Tell us a little more about what led up to problem

  8. Yeah it just started doing it when I was riding

  9. No flashing FI light?? Also check for water in the tank

  10. Swap out the fuel. When my crf was cutting out, the grounds were loose and had water in the fuel.

  11. Have you looked at your spark plug?

  12. No there was no fi light flashing ok I’m draining the tank now

  13. I’m interested to hear how this works out because I have the same bike.

  14. Do you use fuel stabilizer?

  15. I will comment with results, No I don’t use fuel stabilizer

  16. I have same bike. Basically. It’s most likely injector. And if it’s bad enough have to replace. If you get anything in tank and it sucks it threw screen it’s over. They make a sock that goes in tank where you fill up to keep stuff out

  17. Fresh fuel didn’t fix it just my luck

  18. Is your battery fully charged ?

  19. Yeah I have had it on the charger, I was really thinking it was the issue because it was low from cranking

  20. Make sure you’re fuel tank is venting properly \nThe hose on the cap must let air in and out

  21. Had same problem on mine a while ago. New fuel injector fixed it.

  22. Bring it over Monday Brandon, I’ll hook her up and check the injector

  23. Pulled injector out shooting out a pretty good mist, changed plug, cleaned coil mounting, unplugged kill switch, shook rollover switch, unplugged and plugged every plug I could find. I’m at a loss right now

  24. Im leaning toward mechanical issue now. Just bring over today and we will know.

  25. Anyone wanting to know what was wrong… 70% leakage around piston. I’m going to bet overheated and seized rings.

  26. That sucks

  27. Derek was correct seized about 3/4 the way around

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