Lectron carbs on their 250 or 300’s


Question for those who have Lectron carbs on their 250 or 300’s.

I thought I had mine dialed in quite well and performed great during my last few rides. I noticed this last weekend it was idling high once I got off the gas (going into a corner etc) and will die if the throttle is cracked open quickly from an idle.

I plan on contacting Lectron direct but was curious if anyone else has experienced these symptoms. Could it be an issue with the reeds?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Blockage maybe dirty fuel

  2. Check your throttle cable play/adjustment.

  3. Reeds play a huge role in dialing in your carb. Start there and then try to readjust the carb.

  4. The bike is a 2017 bought it in April. It has less than 30 hours on it. I’ve seen some information out there that suggests the stock reeds can cause problems. I may just have to take them out this weekend and visually inspect them.

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