Kawasaki Z1000 Upgrading Indicators


Looking to upgrade indicators on my gen 4, can anyone tell me what il need besides the units themselfs as iv been doing abit of hunting around the forums and theres talk of resistors? Not a wizz when it comes to electrics any help appreciated…

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  1. The resisters will bring the rate at how fast the indicators flash back to normal..without them they flash a lot faster you see.\n You can either go for the inline types or change the relay unit..invest in a Haynes workshop manual and you’ll be able to locate the parts you want to tinker with

  2. Wicked cheers guys always question myself when it sounds as simple as plug and play lol any chance you have a pic or something which and where the relay to swap is ????

  3. I have tried searchin the interweb but very limited info on our bikes

  4. I really couldn’t tell you I’m afraid mate hence my suggestion of a Haynes/workshop manual..you can usually download a copy from somewhere or other..good luck????????

  5. Thats ok mate always appreciate every bit of help i can get

  6. Easiest option is buy indicators with built in relay. Then just plug and play.

  7. Iv same as you Pete

  8. Buy the indicators of your choice , IF they’re LED go to your Kawasaki dealers parts dept ask for a relay for them (about 12 quid) fit said indicators and relay which i believe on a Gen 4 is under the saddle area… Or do as previous have suggested.

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