What does Honda have in mind for the Shadow for 2018?


Hello guys, what does Honda have in mind for the Shadow for 2018?

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  1. Only 2 models left in the Shadow line. Phantom & Aero.

  2. I have heard from dealers up here in Canada that the only one that will be available is the Aero. I can’t get any information from Honda because apparently, they don’t release that information until it’s time to.

  3. I really have my sights set on a Phantom. I can only hope they offer them in a 2018 model year. 2017’s are rare up here. Thanks for the info Jeff!

  4. really sux that they are only available in 750’s

  5. And you can get them in any color you want! As long as you want black or red, that is…

  6. 750 is just fine for me, I can cruse at 70mph all day. I also had my 2015 custom painted pearl white with blue stripe,{red,white & blue} in order to tone down the Red.

  7. Nothing in the UK i think

  8. in brazil não fabrica mais

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