Best exhaust for an 06 Z1000 on a budget?


OK guys, best exhaust for an 06 z1000 on a budget? I’m looking for brand new preferably. I had Delkevic on my FZ6 Fazer and they were very…VERY loud. And I loved them. The drawback is most of DK’s exhausts aren’t road legal even with the baffle in. So yeah, on a budget say…max £300 for pipes + links, any suggestions?

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  1. Just ask biggun how good they sound

  2. Dominator Gp 2’s

  3. MTC moto gp cans… 2 of them will make your ears bleed

  4. Loads of exhausts on eBay for not much money

  5. Yeah I’m just wary about certain makes etc

  6. I think the sp engineering pipes look quite tidy, plenty to choose from and they’ll do you discount for being on this page

  7. Is something like this gonna be overkill? I can’t be fucked with the hassle of PC Plonker pulling me every week.

  8. You’ll never get stopped in Aberdeen for loud pipes Ricki, my thing goes through the mot with brawlers on

  9. Aye? I’m really tempted by those Danmoto ones. They look raw and aggressive which is what the Gen 1 is all about. But if they are literally deafeninng I probably won’t get on with them haha

  10. Danmotos. I would say no.. I heard that they are not that well made. \n\nAsk yourself 2 questions.. 1/ Can I afford it? and 2/ Do I need them? \n\nIf you can answer yes to both questions then get some new exhausts but if one of your answers is no then don’t. That’s my suggestion…

  11. I fancy a set of these for mine, but I’d probably chop them in half

  12. I had them on mine Graham n swapped em for brawlers m8

  13. Cosmic Dave Phillips has em on his gen 2 n they awesome

  14. What like were they? They’d prob sound good with a set of arrow headers on. Even better cut down a bit and they’re cheap as chips!

  15. SP Engineering Also have budget range called Demon listed on eBay from 249.95!\nContact us on 01373 474740 for best deal 😉

  16. Dave do you do custom work if I wanted a shorter set of cans?

  17. Must admit I wudnt even touch dan moto they are shite quality like

  18. 10% off all our range for forum members

  19. Yes, I just made one for a speed triple see our Facebook page it’s sick!

  20. They fkn noisy with the box on Graham lol if u got headers u will soon be a hated resident haha

  21. That’s what I’m talking about, that stubby pipe is what I’m looking for!

  22. Dave Pepler are u a sp employee

  23. Akra gps defo worth stetching the budget. Even if I got mine at a amazing price second hand

  24. Kind of, I own it! Along with a new 2015 z1000 which I am striping to paint and tweaking slightly 😉

  25. Haha mint ???? we have a celebrity lol ya pipes are mint lad we all luv em haha

  26. How u liking the zed dave ?

  27. Had earlier models which really enjoyed! So bought this one to use as promotional tool, aiming to be at NEC with it this year! Only done 150 painful miles running it in so far @ 55mph flat out – saddle sore !!! Can’t wait till it’s done and can open it up and throw it around!

  28. They are monsters m8 u will luvit soon as u crack it u will have the daft smile like we all do. So u putting the bb stubbies on

  29. Thanks for that Jason, my local dealer told me similar, it’s in bits at mo off to race paint uk so can’t wait to get it back together for some more mileage!

  30. Still undecided on cans, we offer too many lol

  31. Maybe the new Diabolus! \nWhen it’s painted will make decision!

  32. Must admit I give it the beans in short bursts but have with all my new bikes n nothing ever did any harm. just my way tho

  33. Let’s have some pics wen it’s sorted Dave ????

  34. Will add more in due course 😉

  35. Nice 1 lad ????????

  36. Dan moto there sixk

  37. Dan motos are fecking loud being the xg1 the loudest i have the ex19s carbons and there fooking loud

  38. Graham Melvin that’s a carbon fibre wrapped baked bean tin!!!!

  39. Dave Pepler could u make a set of those carbon stubys for a gen 1?

  40. What cans r those Graham Melvin

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