Just wondering if any of you fellow cyclists have knee replacements?


Just wondering if any of you fellow cyclists have knee replacements? Had both of mine done last year due to severe arthritis, though I’m only in my early 50’s. I was able to cycle again after a few months and have gradually built up more distance. Only problem is my right knee doesn’t bend as well as the left and I have to adjust the position of my foot on the pedal.

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  1. This year, I had my right knee replaced. Since the surgery, I experienced no issues and feel so much better.

  2. I had half a knee replaced some time back and it gives me no problem at all

  3. I have had both knees replaced and like you one does better than the other. I am super critical on my seat height adjustment. Some might say it is too high but it works for me. Sometimes it takes me a mile or two to get one of them comfortable but it always comes around. Cycling has made it better and allowed it to improve. Hang in there..

  4. I've had several major ops on my knees but not ready for replacements. Cycling still relieves alot of my current discomfort. So all this info really helps.

  5. Off subject question but, can you run with knee replacements?

  6. I had my right one replaced in Feb. It doesn't bend as much as I hoped but maybe it's you favor one knee over other

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