What is your go to electrolyte drink when doing a long ride?


What is your go to electrolyte drink when doing a long ride? I am doing a century this Sunday in Northern Chicago. Should not be that hot. And how many miles should I put in this week?

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  1. Whatever it is you need to get your nutrition under control now. You need to see what works and what doesn't. In the middle of a century is not the time to find out something upsets your stomach.

  2. I'll drink Gatorade on a long ride. If I want to skip the sugar, then Powerade Zero. Do one or two short easy rides, I wouldn't ride after Thursday at the latest.

  3. Oh, and don't try anything new on the "big day." You don't know how your body will respond. Since your ride is Sunday, go with what worked on your longest training ride.

  4. I like both Skratch and Gatorade to drink after several miles. Water for about my first 35 or so… for food, I like the no bake, PB/oatmeal energy balls.

  5. Coconut water! Lots of it.

  6. I drink water with a shot of lemonade. I take a few dates with me for sugar. That's it. Water up well the whole day before .

    I can't drink those drinks they taste terrible to me.

  7. tail wind + chi seeds

  8. Endura for me.

  9. What is your goal ?

  10. Skratch…..love the matcha lemon or passion fruit

  11. Well, can't get a screen shot, but I like vitalyte electrolyte powder myself

  12. Tap water, juice of half a lemon, honey and opened saltstick caplet per bottle. Carry extra saltstick caplets on longer rides.

  13. I love Nuun tablets. Strawberry lemonade is my favorite. Low cal and not super sweet.

  14. Hammer Products! Powder and Pills work GREAT!!! Great Reviews and should be easy to find!

  15. Vitamin water

  16. Coconut water… Nothing and I mean nothing beats it…. Stops leg cramping in its tracks!!!

  17. Jello but you have to drink it right away.

  18. Rock salt and water. That's all you need for electrolytes

  19. Nothing with high fructose corn syrup so coconut water.

  20. Pickles and Beer

  21. Propel half water half propel. Cuts the sugar

  22. Organic coconut water. Real food!!

  23. Get a small tube of High 5 or SIS tablets, reasonably inexpensive. Take 2 or 3 tablets with you on the ride in a small ziplock bag in a jersey pocket. When you stop at a drink station fillup your water bottle with plain water then drop a tablet in.

  24. Genesis Pure GPS line.

  25. I like coconut water, but also Shaklee Performance and just tried SIS and liked too

  26. Pickle juice is great for hot rides also great prevention for cramping

  27. is that sweet pickle, dill, or bread and butter style pickle juice or what, does it matter?

  28. Thanks for all the good advice. All this talk about hydration… I hope I don't pee the bed. Lol

  29. If you haven't had experience with a product, your first century isn't the best time to try something new. That being said, I tried just about every pre-packed food and gel promoted for endurance. Some were better, some worse. I usually ended up feeling ill from most of the products, especially gels. Then, I read studies showing that many pre-packaged foods are too dense, and can actually accelerate dehydration on long distances and over several hours.
    So, I started making my own stroop waffels from scratch, pb&j sandwiches, Apple slices, and bananas.
    Almost overnight, I found my stomach was not getting upset.
    I also found that there's a lot of junk ingredients in most hydration tablets.
    I started using the 24 line of performance products from Herbalife, and I have excelled with them. I use the Prepare prior to long rides, then alternate CR7 Drive, and Prolong, every 2 hours afterwards, with food in between the products.
    On rides over 100 miles, I'll stop and have a good meal, with a mix of a quality protein, with some healthy carbs and fats.
    Best wishes, you'll do well, and will learn what works for you!

  30. NUUN tablets. Eat normal. 30 miles this week.

  31. Drink whatever you've been using in the past. A long event isn't the best place to try out new drinks(do it on a long training ride instead). Your body will tolerate them in a shorter ride but once you start to tire,what sat well in your stomach earlier might not sit well later in a ride. Dehydration of any kind affects gastric emptying and the longer you ride…..inevitably you'll dehydrate somewhat.

    As for mileage.
    You're not going to get any faster in the next week but you can get slower by Tiring yourself out. I don't know what you've done already for training but I would say….stay rested and hydrated as best you can that way on the big day you feel fresh. Cut your mileage in half this week. If you do any type of interval training,do a couple of hard efforts but cut the mileage back on those rides. An hour is enough to keep the edge if intervals are involved without tiring yourself needlessly.

    Here's what I do before a race.

    Two days before a race is "off". The day before the race is a short ride with a couple of intervals to open up the legs and get some of that natural pain killer (cortisol) flowing the day before the race.

    Good luck.
    Let us know how you make out next weekend.

  32. My Go to was always Scratch , just to Hydrate during training and racing. But I started using these for endurance sports last year , and I never have any digestive issues. No artificial anything. I train harder and recover faster. And Informed Sport certified all of the products to be race legal – so there's zero concern for my daughter and other elite athletes. I love that I'm able to contact the company directly and talk to the science and nutrition team members.


  33. I never do anything new on race day. Only pretested items from training. You wouldn't want to find out a product doesn't work for you on race day. For me though, I make pb&j sandwiches and cut them into halves in ziplock bags for easy eating. I also cut apples and carrots to eat. I will also fill a hydroflask bottle with smoothie as well. The smoothie does wonders for keeping fueled and hydrated.

  34. 3 or 4 teaspoons of raw can sugar plus half a teaspoon of salt in 650ml bottle. I also sling in an aldi multivit and mineral tab. Cheap but effective.

  35. Isagenix Orange Amped hydrate……

  36. Gatorade or Cytomax. Train with the products that you will race with. If you are counting on being supplied by the rave venue, you should get there products and use them in your training.



  37. Red Bull

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