OK female TREK riders I need a little help


Ok female TREK riders I need a little help. I am looking to get my wife on a bike so that we can ride together. She is not 100% sold on the idea yet but open to it. Any advice on TREK road bikes for women. I want her to be comfortable and enjoy riding. I know if I can get her started she will love it. The only thing that would make cycling better for me would be doing it with my wife.

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  1. Good luck with that one. You are probably much fitter than you realise compared to someone who doesn't cycle regularly. To start with try selling the idea of cycling slowly.
    Cycling at 6 mph take only half the effort as walking at 4mph
    Smell the roses

  2. I've continued to hear that a bike is a bike is a bike and that "women bikes" is just a US marketing thing. Also heard that, besides fitting the bike, that the seat is the only other thing that matters.

  3. I have a women's road bike and a men's cross bike. The reach is little different between the 2 but that's about it & nothing a good fit won't fix. For my Road, I have a Trek Lexa SLX and love it! Not sure how much you want to spend, that one was $1500

  4. Let her ride in front at her pace. Lotsa stops, but a great destination like a lakeside pub etc is essential. Gradually build your distances and try to include friends. Get a good bike but not great. Upgrade when she can appreciate the bike. Let her enjoy the reg future acquisitions.

  5. Are you set on TREK? Liv is a bike that is made by giant, and it's made for woman, by women. I have one, and I absolutely love it!

  6. the Trek Domane is a great and comfortable road bike.

  7. Trek makes a tandem. Great way for different riding levels to ride together.

  8. Buy a LIV Giant bike. Made for women –

  9. I love my Lexa SL!

  10. I have an Emonda…..my bestie just got a Domane….we love Trek

  11. Must it be TREK? Giants tend to be a bit less pricey, the Liv collection is great. OR maybe go used any brand until you get her to fall in love with cycling?

  12. Lexa is an amazing and comfy women's bike!

  13. Get her a trike
    No saddle sore
    No numb hands

  14. I love your sweet thinking and feel the same about my spouse. Are you considering used or new? I started with a Lexa and went to a Madone after 3 years. Loved both but Madone def more "next level" for me. Best wishes

  15. Hi Johnny Danger! Cool name! I ride a carbon trek fx s bike love it! Idk, I would probably go with a cheaper bike if she is just starting out. Trek fx has some cheaper bikes, cool colors too. Honestly though I rode a lotus road bike for 25 yrs & also Schwinn mountain bike as well… I'm sure any bike would be great! Enjoy riding together ️

  16. Test rode a Lexa and loved it. On an Emonda now and it fits me perfectly. Love it

  17. Johnny Danger: if I may, I suggest that you find out first if your wife is really interested in riding before you make all those plans. Second, if she is interested, will she go for short or long distance rides? Third, if she is willing to try, let her choose the route, the distance and the pace at first. You will have to be extremely patient.
    Perhaps, you should also let her choose her own bike. You may like Trek, but she might want some other brand. Who knows?
    Anyway, the first step is to know if the Mrs. really cares about cycling.
    Good luck!

  18. A game changer for my husband and I (we are new riders as of this summer) is that we use the Terrano LLC so we can chat during our rides. Your wife may appreciate that.

  19. I love my Lexa SL with touring tires (probably not the right term for them)

  20. Are you sure she shouldn't start out with a hybrid? It's more comfortable and easier to ride, at least I think.

  21. my wife and I ride a couple 1,000 miles a year on our mountain bikes…she had a fat seat and it was set up for comfort – not speed… this year I really wanted to get a road bike because our rides went from 5 miles each time to 25 miles… I bought a 2018 Domane and loved it so much I bought her a 2018 Domane as well….she wanted a fat seat and I told her NO…. she is now killing it on the Domane and has increased her overall speed by 3+ mph and not complaining about the seat…. a very comfy bike and I highly recommend it….

  22. Guys thank you all so much. I am loving the advice. I am so happy to be part of this group

  23. Lexa is the best! x3C3 mine!

  24. Jessica Green Rides- can you offer some assistance to this question?

  25. There are loads of cheap 2nd hand bikes hardly used being sold by guys that are 1 year ahead of you on that plan. Buy one of them!

  26. I started with a Liv hybrid a couple of years ago. It was a super comfortable, easy ride. Our local bike shop has some great hybrids on clearance right now, so don't forget to check sales around you this time of year on any brand. I recently added a Specialized Allez (men's) road bike because I struggled to keep up with my road bike friends. It's definitely less comfortable than my hybrid, but I love the ride. That said, had I started with a road bike, I'm not sure I would have fallen in love so fast with riding. I'm glad I did the hybrid as a starting point….now I want ALL the road bikes! Lol

  27. I love my Madone! Looking at the Damone for my next bike!

  28. Safer if u play golf together. I managed to survive wife's 9 iron wrapped around my neck. Would never live thru what she's got planned for me on a ride with no witnesses.

  29. I have a trek domane wsd. Wsd is important because it is made for women. Get her some nice padded bike shorts too. Good luck and have fun.

  30. Take her into the bike shop and see if she can test ride a bike of her choosing and see how it goes, they might even help her get addicted.

  31. Get her a good seat!! You may have to spend some but it will be worth it!!

  32. I have a trek lexa slx. Love it. I think the WSD
    (Wons specific Design) does fit a female better than a men's bike. Go to a reputable bike shop. , one where they want to sell u the right bike and don't want to just sell u a bike .

  33. We bought my wife a gently used Trek Silque SL. Full carbon, Ultegra groupset, Bontrager Race Lite wheels. She absolutely loves it! It is so much lighter than my old Cannondale CAAD8 we had fitted to her and much smoother ride. It also has the ISO-coupler like the Domane has. Highly recommend it.

  34. Are you sold on trek or try Liv they are great bikes

  35. Domane is crafted for comfort. I love mine! ️

  36. I went with a Trek Verve hybrid for my husband when he started. We changed the tires out to be more road friendly but he loves the speed and upright position. Plus he has the option for trails too.

  37. I have heard Lexa is a great into bike. The Emondo is awesome for climbing…I love my Madone, but it is definitely a stiffer ride.

  38. I have a trek women's domane love it, no longer made! The Trek slique is nice and I had a trek lexa as my starter bike it was also a great bike!

  39. I still ride my Trek hybrid from 1998. Give her a little advice but let her pick.

    I still remember the conversation at the shop when I tried to explain I could care less about the bike's weight. But they listened and sent me home with a comfortable, stable, heavy and exceptionally sturdy bike that I still ride today.

  40. Trek silque️

  41. I have a Trek 1.5 series and I love it.

  42. I recently got a Trek tandem and so far she is enjoying the ride.

  43. Get a Liv bike, I have Liv Avail, it's very comfortable endurance bike

  44. I ride a 29'er and Lovelovelove it. Not a road bike tho …

  45. Dual suspension mtb or a recumbent. 1st is for comfort and the 2nd is for ultimate bike comfort.

  46. I would just take her and let her ride all different bikes from different shops. The more bikes she ride more chance she will find one that fits her. I have had women and men's frames from different manufacturers and they all have fit differently. Not all women fit on a women's frame as well. They have a shorter top tube so if her reach or torso are long she will be cramped. JMO

  47. OH brother… I purchased a bike for my husband about three years ago thinking that I could get him to go with me if he had the right bike… I purchased a Trek Domane (actually the bike that I wanted at the time) along with all the gear. That bike has sat in our garage ever since. So if you know of someone that wants it… Let me know!! I am actually about to put it on line to sell. Bottom line is… If she doesn't want to cycle… She won't… No matter what kind of bike you purchase for her! But, of course, she might be different!!!

  48. Once she's on the bike be sure to keep telling her what a turn on it is to ride with HER!!

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