it will not move until you rev it up a bit


CF Moto friends I have a question for you I hope to get a answer for. I have a 2018 CForce 500 ATV with roughly 2200 miles on it, after it sits for a period of time it will not move until you rev it up a bit. I would say this is not normal. I do live in Wisconsin and it is cold out. I do allow plenty of time for warm up as well. I would appreciate your feed back.

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  1. After I took my wheeler into the dealership , they said it was a faulty clutch. By that being said I was told it was not covered under my extended warranty. I told them I inspected the clutch witch I could turn secondary clutch bolt by hand. So after a few phone calls back and forth I was told it would cost 800$ to fix. I was not a happy camper! So I asked them if the clutch was properly torqued when it was inspected. I got a call back saying it will be covered under the warranty. So the clutch coming loose or whatever happened is common on these machines. I really enjoy my machine I am not complaining about it at all. Just dont let noone pull the wool over your eyes. Now I impatiently waiting to get my machine back.

  2. If the belt drive gets a little moisture in it and it sits, especially in chilly weather, it will cause the belt clutch to stick for a sec or two, a good cleaning should do the trick.

  3. I live in Maine … I do know you should let it warm up before you try to move it when it's cold out ..I just got my two out today and run them 20 minutes or so before I moved them

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