Going along 15 mph and let off throttle seems like I let off hard


2019 cf moto 500, question, going along 15 mph and let off throttle seems like I let off hard ,just touch throttle takes off again . Drives me nuts!!! Like no smooth on n off throttle! Like into handle bars then pull . On off on off

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  1. I wish they would go with the electronic throttle. Mine freezes up in the winter.

  2. Change your oil to amsoil it will help the wet clutch engage smoother.

  3. Its normal thats solid engagement would you rather your belt slip?

  4. My reverse does something like that can't have a steady reverse unless your barely pushing the throttle

  5. Might have a problem with the tps. Mine used to do that when i first got it. Took it in and it was fixed under warranty.

  6. There are a few adjustments that can be made that require a knowledgeable mechanic. The TPS can be adjusted which can help a lot and the clutch can be tuned to the way the end user likes. They are set up out of the factory to appeal to a wide range of riders. Understand though that every change you make in one area affects another.


    It's supposed to do that , when you are in trails that will help you alot

  7. Most likely the engine braking kicking in . I've got 2 500s and both do same thing

  8. Dose not matter if it's 10,15,20,25 mph whatever

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