Is there a significant improvement?


Hello everyone. Is there anyone was riding an r1200gs LC and now riding a new 1250? Do you feel the difference. Is there a significant improvement?

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Answers ( No )

  1. The only difference is probably a lighter bank balance or a lot more debt 😉

  2. Yes i have the new one and much smoother. The gearbox is better and less noise. Stil ridding it fot the first service ( now 250 km) but very nice and if you can afourt it, just doe it.

  3. still waiting for my 1250, test it, you wil be suppriced

  4. I ordered the new model but do not know if I did right. The price difference at least here is great and do not know if worth the price. I ride the bike every day and I managed to ride 97,000 kilometers in the two years I have the motorcycle.

  5. You can tell the difference between a stardard 1200 and a 1250 but saying that I have tryed a friends 2018 1200 with full exhaust and a remap and it’s was much nicer. It stopped me upgrading to the new one and going down the cheaper path, but if you have the money enjoy.

  6. That’s what I have, 1200 with remap etc, far better than a 1250, loads more throttle response and bottom end. The shift cam robs the bottom end torque, fine if you want to rev it and better than a stock 1200.

  7. I took one for a test ride, it’s turning more like a jap bike with every new model that comes out! Loosing their character and charm in evolution ud83dude15

  8. Still a GS, but a much better engine with more pull across the rev range, better gearbox and low speed fuelling. Prefer the new front brakes too. Picking up new GSA next week.

  9. No question it is smoother at the bottom compared to a stock 1200. The shift cam is there to meet the euro 5 emissions, they would have not been able to get the so called 135hp and meet emissions with a standard cam set up in a basically old designed engine. When I rode it I thought there was something wrong with it as I opened the throttle the same amount as I did with my 1200 nothing happened, I hoped the shift cam would increase the bottom end but I didn’t find that.

  10. Had a test ride last week. Notably more powerful in third and fourth gear. Improved gearbox too. I’ve placed an order. My third GS.

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