Has anyone used risers on their bars?


Question: Has anyone used risers on their bars, if so are they any good and was there any issues fitting them with cables restricting turning??

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  1. I have put in adjustable risers on my 2010 r1200gs. Had to reruote the gaswire but after that it’s ok. Worth thinking of is if you are after a straight riser to highten the bars a adjustable isn’t good… access to bolts for fastening the rider to the clamps was very very tricky. In that case use simpler ones that only highten.

  2. the ones I hu00e0ve heighten them and bring them slightly closer to the rider too. was concerned about cable before I do it. don’t want to find cables are too short.. ud83dude32

  3. Fitted Wunderlich risers had no issues with cabling

  4. 2 " Rox. Had new brake line made and rerouted throttle cable.

  5. These are the Rox.

  6. these are the one’s I have

  7. i have the Touratech risers 3cm .No problem on installation and didnt had to do any changes

  8. Yes yes no, bought them 2nd hand – only needed to invest another 50 cents for 2 missing bolts. Steer is now a bit higher and towards me. Now my arms are long enough when I ride in standing position ( 1.85) and i see more in the mirror than only my arms.

  9. I install them on Daytona Florida and after that my return to Houston Tx was much better less fatige on my arms 1200GSA 2014 I am 6’4 and works very good

  10. Fitted my risers but now get loads more back pain on long rides. Make sure you adjust the height and reach of the bars correctly or they can ruin a great ride.

  11. I’m up and back! Make a world of difference when standing up. I think they are 2" each way, but not 100u0025 sure on this distance.

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