Reckless 80 moskomoto


Should be nice that someone designes a rack like this. I have soft bags (reckless 80 moskomoto) I think i can not fit my bags between the space of the handlebar of the Yamaha one and it doesn't protect the plastic. So a combination of these two racks is very welcome: the side rack from picture one and the topcase plate of the original rack. Thx in advance! 😂😎

Reckless 80 moskomoto

Reckless 80 moskomoto

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  1. Such an Option I need even!

  2. Maybe we’ll see something approaching at adventure spec

  3. Im also using only SOFT bags…..only one issue will be position of Exhaust ….will love to try Mosko if do they fit ( enough clearance above exhaust canister )

  4. I think you will really like what we are starting with on Monday morning, our rear tanks and racks I need to make some time to get our page up and running

  5. Great Ben.

  6. David Koolmees I don’t have a Reckless 80 but I have Reckless 40 here that I can offer up so will have to allow a bit extra

  7. I just got these enduristan blizzard large, fit well, no need for racks, top plate.

  8. I’m using the Enduristan monsoon. These doesn’t fit on the T7 without protection and the exhaust gets to hot for the Monsoon u2639ufe0f

  9. Enduristan with top 30ltr roll bag.

  10. Right, David Koolmees, we need a luggage rack that follows the line of the T7 pigtail, as you designed it, like the luggage rack of the image I put in, made for the 690/701, then when you need a larger plate, you he adds.
    The criticality of a so overhanging roof rack, compared to the fixing points on the bike, is the mechanical resistance to vibrations in off-road driving.
    I ask the designer, of the luggage rack of the photo I put, if he plans to make it also for the T7

  11. the largest plate to add for longer journeys.

  12. I have broken several times, on hard offroad tracks, luggage rack of other brands on my 690, until I found this one from Perun Moto

  13. Ben Plummer maybe the man to make these ?

  14. Does anybody know the weight of the Yamaha rack…It looks heavy but solid

  15. Don’t know. It sure is solid.

  16. I am going down the dealer to weight it

  17. Been and put it on the scales….. 6 kilos… I bought it but not sure if I will fit it at the moment…. Might look for a lighter one…. But it is very sturdy for sure

  18. We in ACD RACING PARTS are developing some nice rear rack we are about to release. See more pictures on our website or subscribe to be the first to know once product is out u2014

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