Is there a helmet law in Ontario?


Hello everybody, Is there a helmet law in Ontario? Thanks for answers.
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  1. Yep. Wear one.

  2. Slapping a DOT sticker will not work either on a bucket

  3. I guess one more reason not to go to Canada!

  4. our dollar is worth a lot less than yours but your not breaking anyones heart if you dont come

  5. All of Canada has helmet laws.

  6. I’ve ridden from one end of Canada to the other a couple of times. I’ve had to wear a helmet while doing so. I have no complaints about it. Mostly because the temps were in the 40’s & 50’s with rain!! It was good to stay warm and dry!!

  7. Need a reason to come to Canada? Try Friday the 13th in Port Dover Ontario. Best damn biker bash from Thursday through Saturday especially in the summer months! But I am biased.

  8. ALL of Canada

  9. Reasons to come to Canada: \npeople are nicer, especially on the eastern side of it. \nWe have the #1 motorcycle destination in all of North America the Cabot Trail. Bonus, it’s also in the east. \nWe have the wharf rat rally. Largest multi day rally in Canada but… you’ll probably be very disappointed with it.\nWe have Fri 13th in port Dover Ontario. \nYou can camp almost anywhere at all, next to the highway, farmer bobs, people are nice enough not to care and no ones going to threaten to sue you while your here. \nYou double your $$ the second you cross the border. \nOur beer taste like beer. As mentioned above, don’t try to out drink the ladies. \nWe’ll make our money from you if you smoke or buy gas lol.\nIf that isn’t enough… all the blue and grey areas do not have helmet laws long as your over 21. The green areas you need a brain bucket. Consider Canada to be 100% green area too.

  10. Don’t forget to visit James Bay. 🙂

  11. just wear one anyway

  12. Poutine…..I haven’t had poutine in years! Maybe it’s just me but sometimes, when I see the reasoning people use, I can’t help but laugh and shake my head. I haven’t been into Canada in probably 10 years and know only Ontario because it’s next to Michigan. Besides being neater one of the many things I love about riding in Canada is the population is less than the U.S. Once you get away from the larger cities there seems to be more open space. I may never get to another country or see the Isle Man but I’ll make it a point to get back to Canada. AND, I have a friend who’s an avid hunter with many guns, so that “argument” is pretty funny, if sad.

  13. Are they enforced? We have helmet laws in Texas that I’ve never heard someone getting busted for

  14. I’m just glad they finally made using a cell phone while driving illegal here in Texas.

  15. From helmet laws in Ontario to cell phone banning in Texas in just over 2 hours. Well-done!

  16. Western Canada, e.g. Banff, is by far the most scenic natural place in North America. It blows away the Colorado Rockies and Yellow Stone.

  17. Somewhere in Manitoba this past summer a small hawk swooped down into my face shield and helmet. Glad I had it on!

  18. Cananda wide

  19. Nope. Ya just need a toque. Ok, and maybe a make america…… something hat.

  20. Helmet is required in every Canadian province

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