What is correct coolant for KTM RC125


What is correct coolant for ktm rc125 manual says motorex m3.0 but coolant that’s in is green


Louis Imbrogno: Honestly, call the dealership, thats your best bet. They will know what they put in it. The dealership assembles the bike, so they also put the fluids in it.

If you cant get ahold of them, drain it all out, buy you engine ice, and just fill it up from th ground up. it’ll cost you 20ish US dollars.

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  1. Color doesn’t matter just by engine ice like I did from amazon, it’s better than regular coolant

  2. So it doesn’t matter mixing colours

  3. Everyone clueless lol

  4. oh i didnt realize you were just low and you want to fill it up. i was thinking you were dumping it out and changing it completly.

  5. I’m going to just drain it iv ordered the correct coolant that’s in the manual my next question is how do I drain it lol

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