390 Duke price in the UK?


How much are people paying for a new 390 Duke in the UK? I’ve seen them pre reg 67 for £3099 and some dealers are saying £3699 with 0% or £4699 like my local dealer. Seems to vary quite a bit!

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  1. I paid £2999 for a brand new 0 miles pre reg from Fowlers Bristol. I don’t think any of them deals left. 3500 seems average at the moment.

  2. £3699 2017 new with 2018 reg inc. road tax and delivery. Get it next weekend

  3. A month ago I paid an equivalent of 3750GBP – the cheapest option avaialable in Poland for a 2017 model.

  4. I missed the £3500 pre reg deal but another £200 for a 2018 reg is probably a good investment for resale value

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