Is There a Difference WR125X and WR125XR Speedo


Hello, is there a difference between the x and r wr Speedo? Thank you all. Ride safe!

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Answers ( 7 )

  1. Maybe longer Speedo cable that’s all tho I would have thought.

  2. No but the clocks are different.

  3. Clocks not sensor on wheel is

  4. Wheel sensors are same.its clocks.

  5. Yeah its clocks i found that out after i bought a new set for my wr

  6. What’s difference from the x to r

  7. Just to clarify this, I was asking the question on few sites got people tell me it’s different blah blah but I phoned my local Yamaha dealer & there saying there is no difference in parts, so I would imagine it would be set for factory on the clocks cause all the part numbers ect are all the same ?

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