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I have seen many posts about riding through Blue Ridge Parkway and on the dragons tail. Being from canada I always looking for new places too ride to. Can someone help me out and tell me what states the parkway n dragons tail is in. Thanks in advance…..

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  1. Here is the link for it:
    It is better for sport bike’s, if you are on a cruiser ride it during the week mid day so you don’t get run over.

  2. Boarders both Tennessee and North Carolina.

  3. To be perfectly honest mate, there is a SHIT load better roads than both of those .. I would be lucky to add those to the top 20 roads in north america. Dont be fooled into believing everythin people say.. I rode there from canada and laughed when I left, I have better roads an hour away in BC .. I rode on a dozen better roads to get there too. But, its about the adventure, not the destination eh 😉

    • I was in B.C. in Sept. Loved the curves coming out of golden. Was dragging highway with pegs going through them.

    • Richard Darling haha yep 🙂 .. shame I didnt know you then, I could of pointed out a bunch of amazing riding roads (ones noone talks, advertises or reads about in the US hehe)

    • The Tail of the Dragon is a unique road in that it has 318 curves in 11 miles (go to Florida and about any road has 11 curves in 318 miles 🙂 I digress ) but true, there are other roads in or near Franklin County that are also a ton of fun. Over in Cashiers, or route 64 in the Nantahala Forest in NC, The Cherahola Skyway for long sweeping turns….or route 16 from Tazewell VA to Marion VA (awesome, over three mountain ranges, and switchbacks galore!)…Blue Ridge Parkway was/is meant for a scenic ride/drive, no hurry, just enjoy the scenery, it’s 469 miles of scenic turns, overlooks and pull-offs, places to have a picnic and enjoy the slower pace of life, I believe the speed limit is 35mph on most of it. If you DO go to the Dragon, ride it in mid-week and early in the day is best….

  4. I’ve ridden both. Dragon tail highly overated and wouldn’t do again blue Ridge parkway was nice ride and nice stops. Dragon had to many idiots on it. I recommend riding blue Ridge backwards…

  5. Western North Carolina and Tennessee. It’s part of US 129, actually. Many, many other great roads in the area such as the Cherahala Skyway.

  6. Back of the Dragon and the Dragons Claw in Virginia. Incredible State park Campground at Hungry Mother Look it all up

  7. The dragon is not a bad ride, ive done it once just to say i have. But if you do it, i would recommend doing it in the middle of a work week in the middle of the day. Thats when i did, and i was one of the only people going north on it at the time. Also if you go to robinsville check out iron horse, have heard good things about that place.

  8. The Dragon is a great ride during the week,also look up the cherohalla”spelling”Skyway awesome easy ride in upper elevations.The lower end of the Parkway from Asheville to the end in Cherokee is the best.

  9. My opinion is dragon’s tail is over rated. We rode a lot of awesome roads in North Carolina . Also road blue ridge parkway. I wasn’t a fan but I don’t like heights.

  10. The Dragon is more about stopping at the store, getting your t-shirt and sticker, talking shop in the parking lot, etc. than the actual ride.

  11. Which road do you want to know about?

  12. Cherohala Parkway Ride the loop. Takes about 5 to 6 hours

  13. Take a look at NC HWY 209 “The Rattler” near Maggie Valley, NC it’s not far off the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground you won’t be disappointed.

  14. Blueridege is my favorite but we had beautiful ride in NW South Carolina, which is in the Blueridege mountains.

  15. Yes, the Dragon is a little overrated but still fun…

    I rode the cherohala skyway also while @ Smoky Mountain national Park, road quite a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the foothills Parkway, but my favorite road in Smoky Mountain national Park was the little road that cuts through the mountains from Townsend to just north of Gatlinburg. Maybe old River Road. To me that was the most fun combined with scenic ride in the Smokies other than going up by Clingmans Dome…

    I wouldn’t suggest just making runs up there just to ride the Dragon, I say take two or three days and ride everything you can while in smoky mountains national park….(except for Cades Cove, that is so slow you might burn up the motor)

    The hype of the dragon may lure you there, but the rest of the wonderful roads in that area will bring you back…?

  16. I highly recommend that you look at Northwest Arkansas. You won’t be disappointed.

  17. If you go to ride these two roads don’t miss the cherohalla skyway. It’s right near the end of US 129 ( the dragon) the roads are on the border of NC and TN. Arkansas has some fantastic roads around Jasper and Marble falls as well. While there stay at THE HUB motorcycle resort. Time well spent.

  18. Live in Rochester NY, made this trip a couple of years ago. Planning is the key here to this trip. Skyline Drive, starts in Virginia at Front Royal. Start there and ride that to Waynesboro VA. Pick up the BRP at RT 64, it dead ends into RT441 near Cherokee NC, then head up to Deals Gap. BRP, plan, plan, plan the speed limit is 35 mph for the entire length, you’ll drive yourself crazy riding at that speed. Get this book… and plan what you want to see or skip. Once down there, I based out of Gatlinburgh TN. Make sure you stop in Maggie Valley, “Wheels of Time” museum. Also there are WAY better roads in that area than just the GAP (rt129). Do your homework, Cherohala Skyway is a must and several other roads in the Smokie Mountains, too many to list. Pigeon Forge is a traffic laden tourist trap, avoid it, crazy there. Best restaurant in Gatlinburgh……The Peddler.

  19. Richard, the Blue Ridge Parkway begins in Western North Carolina just @ edge of the town of Cherokee. I guide groups there several times a year. BRP is my favorite with many point’s of intrest. Do the dragon while you’re there so you can say you did, but yeah, over rated.

    • Before the parkway, you can pick up the skyline drive in Virginia, it will take you all the way down to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  20. Come on baby, ride South. With the one you love..Head for the Arkansas Ozarks and you may never want to see the Dragon. Just saying.

  21. You asked two questions and you’re getting all kinds of answers, some confusing.

    The Blue Ridge Parkway is in Virginia and North Carolina. The Tail of the Dragon is in NC and Tenn. The Dragon is separate from and not part of the BRP. There is lots of info online about both. And I agree with a lot of the people commenting that the Dragon is over hyped. I live in NC by the way.

  22. No, we’re recommending other, better places to ride. The Dragon gets a lot of hype and it seems that a LOT of people say it’s just not all that it’s hyped up to be.

  23. The dragon is just a road. It’s a fun stretch, and the tourism/bragging rights are cool. But to me, the coolest part is the fact that it is located in the middle of some of the best motorcycle roads on the east coast of north america. Seriously, go an hour or 2 in any direction and there are some beautiful sights to be seen and roads to be ridden on. Point is, if you go down that way, budget a bunch of extra time. There’s so much to see.

  24. Hot Springs N.C. is well worth it.

  25. My Blueridge Parkway motorcycle trip was one of the best motorcycle experiences of my life. I strongly recommend you do the entire road, including the Skyline Ridgeway (in Virginia). This “dumps into” the Blueridge Parkway (for practical purposes, it is the exact same road). There is a small fee to enter the Skyline, Blueridge is free. Together, it is 450+ miles of uninterrupted roadway….no towns, no stop signs, no traffic lights. Just pure twisted bliss.

  26. We were there 2 weeks ago & had an amazing week of riding in Tenn. and N. Carolina. Rode the Parkway, Dragon’s Tail, Devil’s Triangle. There are biker maps that show over 25 rides throughout these states. You won’t be disappointed ! We rode down from Michigan.


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