Anyone ever camped at the Tail of The Dragon?


Hello guys! Anyone ever camped at the Tail of The Dragon? Thank you all. Good day.

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  1. I have camped twice at Deals Gap. (Tent camped).

  2. Can’t camp along it, can camp near it. We like Hunt’s Motorcycle Lodge in Tellico Plains.

  3. Abrams Campground is a nice spot if you require a groomed campsite.

  4. Simple life in Robbinsville is in a great location and has affordable cabins and tent sites.

  5. stayed at the KOA myself

  6. Deals Gap.

  7. Punkin Center is the best place to camp hands down.

  8. Totally agree with Jay Dettinger

  9. Maggie valley is a nice place and you could visit wheels through time while you were there.

  10. slept real good too! This campground is 50ft beneath wheelie hill.

  11. Stayed at Iron Horse

  12. DGMR. 15 bucks

  13. Punkin center motorcycle resort n campground. Close to tail of dragon.

  14. That’s me set up at Deal’s Gap

  15. Fontana lodge was nice, nice campground below the dam on the river.

  16. Go to the kickstand lodge they cater to bikers it’s an excellent place.

  17. Kickstand lodge is my next. I’m very curious!!!

  18. Pumpkin center !

  19. Punkin Center is “motorcycle only” camping and it’s on hwy 129 just north of The Dragon.

  20. have camped at the fontana dam camp ground it’s just below the dam and on the way to the dragon nice campground

  21. Pumpkin center?

  22. No. But I kicked it in the balls

  23. Pumpkin center

  24. I usually pick a place off the road a bit, makes it easier for bikes and cars to get by

  25. I live in the area. There is a few decent camp grounds around on both ends. Tellico plains and Athens has a couple also by the skyway. Plus there in one on the skyway.

  26. Ironhorse motorcycle lodge and campground.Awesome place and folks.

  27. Agree with Jerry L. Rodgers on Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge:

  28. Yes. Deals Gap has tent sites. First come first serve, I think I paid like $8 a night. Short walk to clean showers up on the hill. Maybe 100 yards from restaurant and gas station, but the tent site is tucked out of the way and relatively quiet.

  29. We’ve stay at deals gap resort, fontana, pumkin center & kickstand, can go wrong with any of them.

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