Is the “paper” filter only option?


Is the “paper” filter our only option? Or did I see that there was another?…

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  1. Oh ya, i forgot about that option, which is reusable… though I thought i read that there was a foam option?

  2. Not sure about foam, the K+N has been working well for me

  3. Avoid foam filters. They flow well, but don’t catch the fine particles. DNA and K&N filters will be my choice when I come to swap it out.

  4. Foam filters oiled correctly and installed correctly will catch fine particles better than a K&N ever will!! I have used both in many bikes and a lot of fine dust gets through K&N without a foam pre-filter overtop!!! It’s factory or foam for me

  5. Real hard for to find oil filter in Alabama. Finally ordered from “CRF’s Only” in California. Good price, fast standard US mail shipping but no option for K&N. Where are y’all getting those from?

  6. Are we talking air or oil?

  7. I was talking oil…these other fellers may be talking air.

  8. Am aware that there are at least four brands of aftermarket air filters that’s specific for the CRF250L/Rally. (1) DNA, (2) Hurricane (3) UNI (4) K&N. All are washable/reusable. Hurricane is dry(not oiled) with stainless steel fabric element. UNI is Australian made and the only Foam among them. If you read the blog, you’d read that one of two CRF250Ls had to be overhauled due to failure of the UNI Filter that they were using on the 50k km part of their 110k adventure travel. Foam air filters are sealed on the sides with grease. Apparently, while you’re busy in your adventure ride, you’d have no time to seal the sides of the foam filter with grease. Am using Hurricane brand basically because it’s what’s readily available here in Manila back in 2014. my numbering is in order of availability since the introduction of the CRF250L back in ’13. Share with the group if you find any other brand/alternative.

    On oil filters for the ’13-’16 CRF250L/ CRF250M, there are two (1) Filtro Hi-Flo and (2) K&N. i gather that the ’17 models have a different part number of oil filter OEM element and consequently, the part numbers for both aftermarket brands are also different. Am using the Hi-Flo brand which I ordered (x6) from crfsonly. Be careful that your filter is oriented properly when you change it. There were posts of at least five members of the CRF250L owner’s club FB group about getting their engines ruined by inverted oil filter installation. The engine will run but there will be no oil pressure/circulation to critical engine parts. Also take care on tightening the oil filter bolts. Spec is only 9ft-lbs or 108inch-lbs. Though am a veteran mechanic, am meticulous to use a proper small torque wrench in inch-lbs. I treat it as a measuring instrument and not just any ratchet handle. typical max is only 25ft-lbs or 300 inch-lbs. There were several dozens of posts of stripped oil filter cover bolts. You can’t control what you can’t measure. Best to replace the cover gasket also.

  9. On my old-school ’87 XL600R, there is available a Stainless Steel oil filter element(not paper). washable/reusable but a bit pricey. it’s available at xrsonly. com but they don’t make ’em for the CRF250L. Not that I know of, yet.

  10. I bought a stainless steel oil filter on Internet. I am not sure it is very good but I bought it because I am not sure I will be able to find “normal” filters in my trip

  11. The oil filters of the old school Honda RFVC engines have the inverted orientation compared to the CRF250L. the oil filter cover actually has a passage way for the engine oil. Be careful in using non CRF250L specific oil filter.

  12. it is sold for crf250l. But yes I have heard not to put it in the wrong way

  13. OEM filter have marking “outer side” Though aftermarket may not have these markings, these may confuse.
    Would like to know the brand of that SS oil Filter! A link where you bought ’em would be nice!
    BTW, both Hi-Flo and K&N oil filters are throw-away paper types.One popular trick with the OEM air filter is the removal of the metal anti-backfire screen. Intake airflow increased!

  14. Yes the 2017L and Rally both use a brand new filter. My local Honda dealer wasn’t even aware of this until I asked for one for the 600 mile break in oil change last week. He said he’d get some in stock.

  15. I changed my first oil at 200 miles because the dealer is telling me they put 10W-40 Honda oil in it from new as the bike does not come shipped with any oil in it here in the United States. I switched out to 10W-30 Honda oil and the bike immediately felt spunkier also it seems to shift smoother too!! I figured it would not hurt to get the oil out early in case there is any metal dust. I probably will change it again at 600 miles.

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