is it just my bike, or is it really hot in the seat


OK, so I’ve been driving my bike now for a couple of days and I have a question: is it just my bike, or is it really hot in the “seat” (like inner thigh and more important areas) – any suggestions?

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  1. I mean no judgement but these are V twins. Air and oil cooled powerful internal combustion engines. Been that way since 1901. Expect it, it’s ok it isn’t unlivable. Nut up. I haven’t heard so much whining about heat on my thighs, my balls are baking so what. We’re tough hombres, and tough ladies we don’t whine about a little heat. It goes with the territory. Yes. JMHO

  2. Mark Stanley of all the posts that come up daily, is there a way to pin this topic. Its been covered ad infinitum.

  3. It could be your switch is on for the seat warmer

  4. new bike motor will run hot . give it time and dont put then crotch pads to cover rear cylinder

  5. I respectfully refer to them as MAXI-PADS

  6. Gut out the catalytic converter

  7. Look t his profile, Jay is talking about a Scout 60

  8. yup sweaty balls and slits ,,and swamp ass are a common problem i really wish they would fix !!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. I don’t get it. ? Gut the cat,sweaty balls, too hot, fix the issue? Absolutely no problem with my RM stock! I’ll have to assume mine was built perfect. The rest have lemons?

  10. Get headers and a heat deflecter from Heather’s Leathers

  11. You all know there are air openings built into the lowers that can be closed or opened? Works damn good to close when raining and cold out..let’s air blow thru when riding on hot days. .or are yall just idling?

  12. Or simply move to a Stage One upgrade and replace the oil with Amsoil 20/50. It will run 8-12 degrees cooler. I’ve got a temp gauge on my dipstick and can attest to before and after results.

  13. I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is the normal

  14. I eliminated that problem on my 2016 RM. Gutted the cat installed a high performance air intake and Rush Big Louie 4 inch mufflers and a power commander 5 tuner. No more roasted nuts. Plus the bike runs great and sounds great.

  15. Who drives their motorcycle? ? ? ? \nI ride mine. . . . .

  16. Yep, they get hot – there are a number of things that you can do depending on what your level of tolerance is. There are shields and things that you can use to protect your sensitive parts from the heat or as dale indicated you can take more drastic action. Believe me when I say, riding in the cold – it’s kind a nice to have the \

  17. Yes they do tend to run a little bit hot the captain itchy’s will help but the best thing to do is get the damn catalytic converter out of there

  18. We’re the ceramic one a lot cooler? Was thinking of go that way , but don’t want to lose torque!

  19. Built in heater for cold days. I love it, but I live in the Northeast!

  20. Get the chrome heat shield

  21. Get the wind deflectors for the forks! Made a huge difference in the air circulation to where I don’t get toasted hazelnuts anymore.

  22. In reference to my comment above – here’s how they look on a Chieftain Dark Horse. They blend in so well when looked at any other angle that you really don’t notice them. Had mine powder coated to match the bike.

  23. Captain itch crotch Coolers. You can blame the Global Cooling crowd

  24. It is normal, slip ons and cat out with heat shield will fix it

  25. I don’t notice any excessive heat?

  26. new engines will run hotter hang lol in there

  27. Welcome to our world. Indians are HOT… literally.

  28. Its just summer

  29. If a Scout, you could try replacing the stock seat with the 1920 solo seat. It raises you up and forward. I have no heat issues whatsoever.

  30. Believe it or not, just changing the stock muffler to Rineharts and opened up the air cleaner to the hi flow, cooled my down enough so that it is managable.

  31. It’s mainly the catalytic converter on the right side. Efforts to mitigate include cptn itch leather heat shield, gut the cat (see youtube), or mail swap out header pipe without the cat. Or just a different exhaust. Cheapest would be gut the cat but a bit more labour intensive.

  32. If you can’t stand the heat, get off the Indian.

  33. or, keep moving and stay out of traffic and Arizona……lol

  34. wear long pants

  35. Yup, stay out of AZ.

  36. First of all, start riding it instead of just driving…..

  37. install highway pegs and loose pants ,,,,feel the breeze on my nuts ,,,much better ,,lolol

  38. you will enjoy it in September-October-November

  39. thats for sure ,,lolol ,,i live in new york state

  40. Is it an RM and do you have the heated seat turned on ???

  41. Is the heated seat turned on??

  42. Well, have to wonder if this is a joke. If not, have an engine about eight inches from your thighs that is exploding gas mixture at the rate of about 50 times per second at a combustion temperature of 1,400 degrees and spewing out the exhaust gases through thin metal pipes that reach 300 degrees while cooling fins dispel heat from the cylinders, reaching 250 degrees. Oh, and heat rises, generally in the direction of you. So, what was your question again? 😀

  43. Jay it is a common issue for some Scout owners I found that by either moving your feet back (new pegs/floorboards) or sitting higher may help as it will move your leg just enough to get you off the pipe. I changed to a Mustang seat and found quite by accident it helped a lot.

  44. Get rid of the cat!

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