Does anyone have GPS suggestions?


Does anyone have GPS suggestions? I am looking for one with long battery life. I am not sure I want to hardwire it.

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  1. I use my iPhone and Bluetooth it through the radio.

  2. Just buy a new bike kit has it on it already

  3. FYI – I have a Scout Sixty!

  4. I use a waterproof android phone with Holder (ram ball type)

  5. I mount my Garmin to the handlebar using the ball mount and plug it into the 12V power point on my Chieftain.

  6. I’m very pleased with the Garmin Zumo 665. Battery will only last for an hour or so, though. I don’t think that any vehicle type GPS is going to have a long battery life.

  7. rand mcnally atlas, never needs to have the batteries replaced

  8. Garmin and a ram mount

  9. Tom Tom 400 with Ram mount.

  10. Rokform mount and case for your phone. Battery will last longer than any GPS and you can download maps if you don’t want to use data or where there is no signal.

  11. Like George said… Get a phone case and use that…

  12. Don’t waste your money on GPS when chances are you already have the best possible GPS in your pocket. You can hardware it or use Bluetooth. You can choose from virtually unlimited GPS apps that will update their maps automatically. I think it’s a waste of money to buy a GPS when you already have one. Just buy a good mount and use your phone. At most you’ll have to buy a waterproof case.

  13. I use ram mount (from Whitehorse Gear) and just plugg into lighter outlet, works good…..I have a 14 Chieftain

  14. Garmin Zumo. These bikes have a connector already in the fairing to plug in to. You can get the appropriate wire connector online to make the connection. Super easy.

  15. I have a Scout Sixty!

  16. Oops. Sorry Terry. Your effort will be a little more than on the Roadmaster. 😀

  17. Yeah that’s my dilemma!

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