Indian Dark Horse Deep Throughly Slip On Exhaust Pipes


Looking for a deep throughly slip on exhaust pipes for a dark horse. It has upgraded cams and stage one already , looking for a bit more. Any suggestions ?

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  1. Rush warhorse

  2. TAB exhaust, have them built for you..louder than freedoms!!

  3. If you look through the posts on this page I actually put up a video of a chieftain Elite that I did for a customer with stage 1 air cleaner cams and slip on rush pipes

  4. I don’t know anyone who can vouch for the exhaust I have other than me and my dealer.. he said it’s the louder than the rest

  5. I’d like to hear them you got a video to post Matt Maddox? I know a video won’t do it complete justice but my interest is peaked

  6. The rush warhorse sound good , what size baffles ? Stock is 4 but there’s options for 3 or 2.5

  7. I typically use the 2.5 baffles for my customers

  8. I have RC components slip-ons with freedom performance true dual headers and love the sound.

  9. Rinehart racing pipes sound good

  10. Freedom slip ons have a deep resonance to them. Sound great, priced right and made for Indian. Check em out

  11. Check out CFR slip ons. Nice deep, throaty rumble & sounds great with the cams!!!

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