Sram 1x thoughts?


Hello everybody, I am looking for information about Shram 1x please share your comments thanks all.

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  1. The best mtb groupset you can get sram eagle

  2. I have GX 11sp. Flawless

  3. New Apex 1 7 out or 10

  4. I run Force CX1 on both my cross bikes and my TT bike. Have yet to drop a chain and the shifts are very positive. Highly recommend.

  5. Can't fault it on my mountain bike – sticking to 2x on my road and cx bikes tho

  6. 1×11 on wife's Fat..No problems.

  7. 2×11 on mine but Im old and fat. Also maybe worth noting, Im on my 3rd cassette in 800 miles. Keep bending them.

  8. Wife has NX 1 x 11 – 11 – 42 on her fatty. It functions very well, but not enough range for her (low end). We just started riding last year, so fitness levels not where we want to be yet, but she was always wanting one more gear for the punchy climbs we encountered.

    The GX Eagle obviously has more range. I have seen many reviews that indicate it works well. Maybe a little finicky and maintenance costs runs higher than non-eagle (my sense from various reviews, etc). Parts replacement costs may drop as we move forward and technology improves. Just make sure the platform you have has enough range (with maybe one more cog to spare)…

  9. Is there a reason you spelled it SHRAM

  10. 1 x 12 all good

  11. My only thought is that there's no "h" in Sram. 😉

  12. One by drive trains are for flat land and downhill. If you want to go xc/ allmountain I would suggest two by. One some climbs you just need the extra gears.. On the other hand one by drive trains almost eliminate chain drop and help with shifting accuracy.

  13. I ride a single speed FAT in Florida and my wife's 1×11 is more than enough on sandy trails with less than 10-15 foot rises. In Indiana we ride MTBs with triple chain gears.

  14. I'm using full SRAM except for their cassette. I prefer their thumb shifters to Shimanos and for whatever reason I don't break SRAM chains like I use to with Shimano. If SRAM starts producing a 9-46 cassette then I'll be on all SRAM.

  15. For city cruisers 1x is ok.

  16. Get the sunrace 9-46. It is 11sp and has more range than eagle 12sp

  17. If you can live with the big jumps in gears it's nice. It's also very easy to keep clean with no front mech to catch muck.

  18. I've only ridden it on demo bikes. I liked it better than my 2x

  19. Be careful of Chinese “knockoff”… do you mean SRAM 1X

  20. 1×12 is the best

  21. I have 1×11 sram nx
    Its pretty awesome

  22. Shram vs Shimona the age old question

  23. Just picked up GX eagle but haven't installed it, I like 2x for my road bikes still though

  24. Considering getting the group

  25. I converted my old Specialized Allez to a 1x. Love it. As another poster mentioned, a little wider gear jumps are the drawback, but the lack of shifting the front when dropping down to a climbing gear, and again when shifting up to a cruising gear far outweigh it as far as I'm concerned. Much simpler, and cleaner looking. I actually ended up with a wider range than I had when it was a 2x.

  26. Made the "Fun grade" to 1x from 2x. It's great. No more chain drops. Besides I never used the granny gear anyway. I can't call it an "Up grade" because essentially I just cut my gears in half.

  27. 1X always has been and always will be more of a maintenance hassle. Have not been on a single group ride, with folks having such a set-up that at least one didn't loose their chain at some point. Admittedly, some of it is just being cautious about speed shifting and cross chaining, but I just don't see the advantages. I could gain as much or more taking a laxative the night before a ride.

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