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If you are a member of the Indian motorcycle riders group when you buy stuff off the Indian website can’t you get a discount? If so how do you do it? Also does that apply to items that have been discounted? Thank you.

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  1. Don’t know. After you pay shipping I found it cheaper to go to the dealer.

  2. Many dealerships choose to give a 10% discount on in stock items. Dealers choice.
    If you buy off the website, no discount, and it may come from anywhere, so, you might pay shipping from another coast.

  3. Typically 13% off

  4. No. There is imrg exclusive products available through your imrg page though.

  5. Only if the dealership sponsoring your Chapter provides a discount. Only thing you can purchase is IMRG gear from the IMRG Member site.

  6. I thought that was the case but I was told nope. I did however get a small discount on my purchase yesterday. 15 bucks is 15 bucks.

  7. I was told 10 per cent as a member of riders group that’s in Northern Ireland

  8. eBay has great Indian deals.

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