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Anyone running with the Freedom Combat 2-1 exhaust. I need to lower the rear boards on the bike.To buy a set then have them shipped and then pay import tax it’s gonna cost me in the region of $976.00 so are they going to be worth it? TIA

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  1. I run a set of two into one pipe, thunder manufacturing. Part of the reason was so i could lower the rear boards. We were somewhat horrified at cost so opted to make my own. I simply made a lowering set from fat flat steel bar, drilled and painted black. Ya need to off set the plates from the frame slightly for clearance so used flat washers and slightly longer mounting bolts to achieve this. Total cost, around twenty bucks, lowered boards by a good 4 inches and moved forward for better comfort by 2inches and slightly offset from the horizontal for comfort and to prevent slipping under hard braking. Had them done for over a year, wife loves the extra space and comfort, more room than a goldwing ?

  2. You’ve done exactly what I want to do, my wife is wanting the extra stretch. That’s a nice simple bracket design too. As you say you need the 2-1 pipes to allow for the extra room to drop the boards. After checking out the Cobra and Thunder 2-1 pipes I came across the Freedom Combat 2-1. Just love the looks of it, but as I said, I’m after feedback to see if I can justify the cost of the pipes before I go any further.

    • Well, we thought the bike went well on standard pipes but sounded a tad wheezy. Having the 2-1 set up was the best move we made. Sounds fantastic. Looks better without the two large ICBM type mufflers, gives a tad more ground clearance so no more lower muffler grinding. Best of all, the set up allows the bike to exhale easier, makes better roll on, slightly better top end all the way to the limiter and bugger all loss in mpg. We still run a standard air box, but with a K&N filter. No aftermarket fuel management system either. Have kept a close eye on fueling, no issues.. Leave the electronic butterflies in though. Found without them the bike became very ‘snatchy’ on/off the throttle in the tight twisty corners, the electronic butterfly tends to smooth this out. Be aware you will get the odd in muffler back fire (pop) under deacceleration, this is normal (constant back fire is symptomatic of being to lean) with all honesty, we have no real negative operational issues with the change to 2-1 pipes, highly recommend the change

    • andy would it not be cheaper to get a set made up from stainless etc and once done give me measurements can get bracket made up

    • would definately look better than painted steel, lol. Easy to make, we used hard cardboard and cut to what we wanted, made things easy, then transfer shape and holes to steel, cut, drill, paint, fit…………… ride?

    • I meant stainless steel exhaust mate

    • I had the Freedom combat Pipe on MY V2K just sold it this week best sounding exhaust I have ever owned. I have owned a bunch V/H Cobra Kerker SC2 Bassani you name it I have had a set the quality and sound is #100 %

    • haha, sorry about that ?

    • Andy I’m running with Roadhouse slip ons at the moment, standard air box but modified to suck in more and cooler air with K&N filter and Kuryakyn fuel management. I’m running without the butterflies and found the opposite to you, Without them I’m getting a more precise feel between throttle input and engine response, No snatch, no bogging down under hard acceleration. Even my wife said she noticed the bike has felt smoother since removal. Decel popping is something I expect with any aftermarket exhaust, it could be that the bike does it all the time and it’s just that the standard pipes are that heavily baffled they hide it. Dunno if its just me, but i do like the pop (within reason) The 2-1 should give a better bottom to mid end performance. Tend to find “drag pipes” are more suited to folks that run their engines towards the top end of the RPM scale. I will take your recommendation to change to the 2-1 I’ve just got to decide now which make to go for, I like the looks of the Combat over all the others but they are the more pricey of the bunch

      Thanks Jim that’s the kind of info I need. The looks are second to none, but I wanted to know about quality/ sound / performance. You get what you pay for I guess

      Daz I could get a set of pipes made up, but I don’t just want 2 pipes welded to a silencer. There’s no one I know (apart from the big names) that specialises in performance exhausts for our bikes and when I say performance, I’m not meaning 20bhp increases, but more to the point I don’t want to lose what hp and torque the bike already has. Thanks for the suggestion and you will be the man I come to when I’m ready to make the board extension brackets.

    • OK mate

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