Indian Scout Exhaust Suggestions


I am wanting to put an exhaust on my scout that gives it a deeper throated sound can anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I like these…

  2. We have a set on my wife’s Scout and they are loud as hell.

  3. I had the RC Exhaust on my 2016 Scout.

  4. I have th rc on mine right now, but now im trying to find something different

  5. Emgo universal upturns about 125 for the set

  6. Rush Warhorse exhaust came highly recommended to me by someone so I went for them… them. They’re loud but with a nice deep rumble. You can change the baffle in them too and also the tips. I have the 1.75 baffle

  7. This is how they sound and the baffles are still in them

  8. Do not get these awesome Backdraft pipes from Twisted Choppers, you can’t have them! ­čÖé

  9. I like how th pipes wrap around the front of the motor…does anyone make an exhaust that finishes in a single pipe?

  10. Trask, Bassani, dirty birds, RPW all make a 2into1 and two brothers as well

  11. I used YouTube. I did searches for Indian Scout Exhaust and watched a bunch of videos before settling on my Bassani Road Rage 2-into-1.

  12. I’m going with Maverick Crushers…heard a scout with these on at a rally…..awesome, just ordered some…waiting their arrival

  13. I am kinda torn between the trask and bassani 2 into 1. Still not sure, kinda want to hear in person first

  14. I got a pair crushers put on mine and I love them. Now my Scout is nice and loud.

  15. Go to specialty shop and buy straight pipes…BROTHER…

  16. V&H grenades! Boom! Instant performance and a nice brappp!

  17. Trask slips are loud. Neighbors hated them. I had the loudest bike in my group.

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