Cams and exhaust for my 15 RM


I’m looking for some input on cams and exhaust for my 15 RM. Amy suggestions would be appreciated. I’m looking to go to true duals and not sure who to go with?

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  1. Freedom true duels (without cats) freedom mufflers stage1 Air breather stage 2 cams very happy with her

  2. Rush true duels sound the best and add lloydz cams it’ll be a beast

  3. Bill, does Lloyd’s have different cams? What did you get and did you do any other work to the engine?

  4. Freedom Performance, with fishtails…..Sounds great, heat problem gone

  5. I’m running the Lloydz 585 cams, all I can say is awesome, absolutely love it, it is how I wanted the bike to be from new, if you are not tech savvy you will need to Dyno it, if you don’t want such a angry cam go for the 558 cams

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