Leather fender bra for my Roadsmith Trike conversion


This is a long shot but does anyone know where I can get a leather fender bra for my Roadsmith Trike conversion, I have a Roadmaster with the kit. I checked with Roadsmith and they were no help, love the kit but their customer service is not the best. Any suggestions?

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  1. Fredericks had stuff like that. I think you can only get stuff on line from them

  2. californiasidecar.com/index.php/trikes/show/arrow try these guys

  3. Horndawg leather will make you one. horndawgleather.com

  4. Leather bra?…….

  5. Oh, sorry. Cause I know a few places around town that sell that other kind of stuff. Ooooo, plus I have vip status at 3 of those stores. It pays to buy in bulk. Yup.

  6. Bob Martin may be able to help

  7. Isn’t a trike a rear End conversion,, Just Sayin.

  8. I love my 3M clear film fender covers. They let the paint color shine through & are easily removable! Have an auto body shop that’s experienced in the application do the job. Here’s mine:

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