I would like to do a long tour by bike


Probably an old question with who knows how many answers. I would like to do a long tour. One to two years at least. I am curious what different ones have encountered as far as a daily or monthly cost depending on region. I am only in the beginning stages here so bear with me. I will try and answer any questions anyone may have. Am thinking primarily wild camping and cooking most of my own meals with breaks once in a while. This may be posted to other pages to gather as much information as I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. That's a good question, I think there are people here that have done long distance rides , I'm not sure about year long though. I'm curious of the answer as well

  2. And I was wondering how to pack less than 20lbs for one week!

  3. I would think not really pack so much food but buy it as I went along

  4. Interesting,with the biking community I'm sure you would have plenty of places to stay or camp out at while you're on your journey

  5. Yes you can generally purchase food at a reasonable cost as you go along. I learned that early on. Fresh too if in season. I tend to stay away from motels and even hostels can get costly. Plus I prefer to camp whenever I can. As far as the 20 lbs goes I would think it would depend on the season, any electronics and or camera gear etc.

  6. You know you have to come through Tulsa already. ­čÖé

  7. Man on Facebook that would know, David Goodrich, he cycled all over and has a book, The hole in the wind, check him out

  8. If you camp in campgrounds where there's RVs Let me tell you a little secret. You keep a dollar we called it are Campbell's buck. Because we called RVs Soup cans. If you take your dollar and go to the RV you say can I buy a little bit of milk and butter off of you. Since you can't really carry those things on your bike. Most of the time they'll just give it to you for free and you can use your dollar the entire way of your trip

  9. Try the Facebook group "long distance cyclists"

  10. The Adventure Cycling Association specializes in bicycle tours –on- & off-road. They publish a magazine, and they publish catalogues. It's found here at


    There's also a website that bills itself as "a place for bicycle tourists and their journals" and located here:


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