Does power (FTP) help with the long rides, if so how?


Question for the more experienced. Does power (FTP) help with the long rides, if so how?

I like long rides (40-100 miles), I do power training in the off season. Just curious about what connection there is. Never been a speed junkie.

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    FTP is Functional Threshold Power, it's the level you can comfortably sustain over an hour (although quite often measured over 20 or 30 minute periods) The higher the FTP the faster you can ride/climb. There are training programs that focus on increasing FTP but unless you are a serious club or professional rider it's not something to get hung up on. Just get out there and ride (or on the turbo if the weathers too bad) I am sure our other members will have other thoughts /advice. Happy pedalling.


    The simple answer yes when combined with endurance work, the better answer is Andy Stapleton's.


    As I understand it, the FTP is the max power you could theoretically hold for an hour… if you are going to be racing beyond that hour, you would derate the FTP to accommodate for the additional time. Ex: the bike leg of a 70.3 (56 miles) triathlon would be at around 85% FTP and a 140.6 tri (112 miles) would be around 70% of FTP. Short answer it helps figure out how hard to go for longer distances without killin yourself!


    FTP is commonly defined as the highest average power you can sustain for an hour, measured in watts. It is often used to determine training zones, especially using a power meter or smart trainer with an app. It is also used as a basis (or in conjunction with) other training metrics – CTL, TSS, TSB and ATL – to give coaches the information needed to train high-level athletes at their limit without going over and burning them out.

    If you just like to go out and "putter around"…just ride…it doesn't make sense to worry about it and probably is a waste of time.

    For weekend warriors, those who want to improve their endurance and/or speed and maybe do a race…or those who want to use cycling as a fitness tool…it can be a way to help you best utilize your training time. It's a tool to identify workouts when you are optimally challenging yourself.
    Using these metrics throughout your training course, you can avoid training too hard or not hard enough ("just spinning your wheels")…know when to push and when to lay low…

    So…to answer your question…

    Yes, increasing your FTP can improve your ability to do long distance riding…if you use it to to help direct how you approach your training efforts.


    All good. Thank you for the input. I suspected most of what was said, but I sincerely appreciate everyone's input.


    All of the above is good advice.


    I don't really pay attention to power as much on long rides other than knowing about what my max is so I don't implode. I do at times go back and look at sections to see any improvement though.

    It is very helpful when you are training since watts are watts regardless of headwinds or whether you are on a trainer or the roads.

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