Best cycling clothing?


Who makes some of the best cycling clothing?

Louis G.?

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  1. Love my Wattie Ink!

  2. Pearl Izumi and Castilli

  3. I need some guidance. Who makes the best winter cycling clothing?

  4. I got my bibs from pro bike fairly cheap price, but Great Quality, from the UK

  5. Aerotech designs. Pittsburgh pa

  6. between these two, LG. I love Pearl Izumi, though

  7. Aerotech is an amazing company. As mentioned above, they manufacture in Pa, a lot of the brands mentioned by Lisa above.

  8. All good quality. I go for design as well. Castilli feels good and LG is easy wear.

  9. Desoto bibs American made

  10. I have several Chapeau jerseys which I like very much and I wear DHB bibs. Much cheaper than most of the brand mentioned but resolutely good quality. I am interested in trying some more Lux bibs though…

  11. I am cheap so I buy off the sale rack at performance Bikes!

  12. Whatever fits and works for you

  13. CAPO is very nice but sometimes a bit pricey. 2nd choice is LG.

  14. Assos, De Marchi, Castelli, Rapha, Santini, Sportful, Pearl Izumi, Giordana, Louis Garneau….

  15. Pearl izumi & swobo

  16. Descente and Voler make good cycling gear

  17. Too bad they don't make shorts or pants.

  18. In my 30+ years of cycling, in the last ten years it's been Sugoi.

  19. #nalinicycling

  20. Redwhite bib short are great quality and I've been using them for sometime now because they fit well . Along with stolen goat apparel they are my favourites..

  21. Carnari makes a decent piece, it is economical yet durable.

  22. Pearl Izumi

  23. Yes, both are great

  24. Assos

  25. For the Coin check out the Ultra Line from Performance bicycle dot com they also have 100 plus retail stores in the SE States!

  26. Hincapie, in my experience (granted, that's the only nice [ex[pensive] kit I've ever bought).

  27. ASSOS of Switzerland!! Next question!!

  28. Wattie Ink. Made in America. Sick patterns. And comfort for those century rides.

  29. Cycology makes insanely comfortable gear and she has the most sick designs!! It's the only stuff I buy! you have to check out her artwork. It's so detailed!

  30. Castelli makes great clothing….

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