How do you prep for endurance rides?


I have a 200km ride this Saturday for which I am physically ready.
How do you prep for endurance rides?
What do you eat, avoid, etc…?

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  1. Eat lots of pasta the day before.

  2. Start today

  3. Sit on a pile of sharp rocks for a week and put your palms in a vice. Then you will be totally comfortable for the ride. Jk 🙂

  4. have fun…bring a cell phone

  5. Carbohydrate loading

  6. Hahah if you haven't trained, hope it's flat… seriously though gonna assume you have trained and just mean food water etc? Loads of porridge hour or so before off, banana as i leave, bottles with water honey lemon salt, and raisins bit of bread and another banana to ride with. Make sure dressed well, be out a long time so think of temp changes through day

  7. Anything you want…..

  8. Start carb loading immediately. The goal is to saturate your blood stream with glycogen. Also, start hydrating now. You'll want to go in as ready as possible.

    Start the ride at a more than casual pace and bring yourself up to speed halfway through and watch your cadence and heart rate. Spinning is winning in these events. If your having to push the pedals, you're in the wrong gear.

    Stop every 15 to 20 km BRIEFLY for a stretch and a snack. Don't linger as lactate will pool in your quads if you do. Make sure to sip your water bottle every 3-5 miles.

    And have fun

  9. Bring "Tums" along very fast acting in the case of leg cramps

  10. Good advice here. I just wanted to say that I'm excited for you and a little bit jealous. My next distance goal is 200k. Maybe next year.

  11. Check out Hammer Nutrition. I put HEED in all my water bottles

  12. Porridge oats with stewed apple for breakfast. I take dates for the ride. bit of cash incase I need something more substantial.

  13. Pasta, soreen, figrolls, Greek yoghurt and bananas in the days preceding the ride and make sure u have enough for the actual day. Perhaps a couple of baby pork pies…

  14. Pre Ride nutrition to Avoid: spicy Korean BBQ hot pockets paired with red wine from a box.

  15. Pickle brine/juice throughout the day Friday.

  16. Good luck,
    I cycled 100miles with a group this year had a beer then carried on cycling until I hit the 200km mark

  17. Carb load lol, buy energy bars for the ride as well as gel. Make sure they are during not before or after

  18. I typically start hydrating a week or 2 before & increase my magnesium intake. Then I start carb loading the last few days before the ride! Pickle juice, salt, & tums (magnesium, calcium, & sodium) will help with any cramping you might get during ride. The big things are to stay ahead of your nutrition/hydration & pace yourself. Conditioning is also key… Good luck & HAVE FUN!

  19. I like to have a coffee/expresso the morning of but don't over do it. I made that mistake on a century last year

  20. Rest from now till then. Go for easy gentel short ride to keep your legs good. Eat and drink well the day before the ride. Eat drink well on it. Do the first 50k slower than you think you need to. Enjoy

  21. Stella, I try and avoid Stella before a ride

  22. Hydrate, eat, plenty of liquids and high calorie snacks during

  23. The key is to eat and drink small quantities frequently. Try to sip water or sports drink every 15-20 minutes. Try to have something small to eat (maybe an energy gel) every 40-60 minutes. If it is cool out, I will use plain old water in my bottles. But if it is hot and I am sweating, I will use sports drink in one of the bottles. Eat a good breakfast at least an hour or two before the ride, so that it has time to begin digesting before you hit the bike. It should be mainly complex carbs; nothing too big or greasy, which could upset your stomach or divert blood flow from your muscles. After the ride, try to get some protein in your system as quickly as possible to help with muscle repair.

  24. Good luck on your ride! You already have enough advices here. Just time yourself and have fun.

  25. Do not get hungry on the bike EVER. DO not change nutrition the day of, eat what you know you can handle and your body will be ok with. Hydrate, eat, ride, hydrate, eat, ride, repeat. If you get hungry on the bike it's too late.

  26. Fats. Eat fats. Good fats. Olive oils.

  27. Carbs through the week with lean protein, organic chicken, wild caught salmon and hydrate.
    The day of, a couple eggs that morning, garden of light protein with OJ and load the bike with tailwind.

  28. Lots of good advice for during. Before: sleep. Lots. Make sure you get enough. Two nights before the event, sleep a bit extra if you can. The night before? Don't worry if you're excited and can't sleep well or you have a short night. Your body is running on the rest you gave it the two nights before.

  29. You already have all the technical advice.. just one small other thing when facing headwinds, heat exhaustion and the eternal question " why the fack am I doing this " just shout .. why the fack not and keep pedalling

  30. All the best, would be a great achievement

  31. I avoid spicy foods or any foods that might cause intestinal distress for a couple of days. Increase hydration before-hand as well. I am not big fan of a huge breakfast the day of, I feel bloated and slow, so I grab a couple of bagels and eat just before the ride starts or in the first little bit. Then I have my Garmin beep every 10 minutes to remind me to drink (every 10 minutes) or eat (every 60 minutes). I usually bring GUs or Cliff bars as I don't like to stop too often, maybe every 45-50 miles or so.

  32. Don't change anything from your training. The time to experiment is during training, not the event. May sure you hydrate appropriately in advance of the event that's all.

  33. Have a great ride Janie! 200 km is a goal of mine too but not until next year. 🙂

  34. Do what you normally do. And with the extra people keep a sharp eye out to avoid any tumbles.

  35. Before you ride avoid eating fatty foods and eat sandwiches on wholemeal or grain bread

  36. Do nothing that you wouldn't do normally. Just wake up, positive mindset, jump on the bike and go have fun. That's what it's all about.

  37. Take chocolate with you (We used to take "Bonk" bars) I bet nobody has heard the word Bonk in this context? It means tired, worn out, knackered, to get the bonk. Therefore bonk bars were an antidote against it!

  38. Sara Hammond won the race to the rock on pbjs lots of them. 3000 km non stop unsupported – eat what makes sense – drink lots of water – consume all the calories you need. Sara did not use a gooey yucky goopy hyped up foody bits.

  39. I'm drinking lots of water, eating lots of carb, getting good sleep; I should be ready. Half of this stash with me, half of it at our pit stop for the way back.

  40. KFC or McDonalds….food of champions!

  41. Eat real food, bars, energy gel and goopy packs are not what you're used to, or maybe you are, and I'm just a presumptuous FB twit.

  42. Just make shore you don't get dehydrated

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