I just bought a Shoei Neotec


Hi all, I just bought a Shoei Neotec (1), I'm almost delighted with it. It's light, has great visibility, no fogging visor and, it's very stable. What I'm not so pleased with is the noise. At 60 mph the noise inside the helmet is painful. Comparing it with my 10 year old BMW Flip-Front, it's a LOT louder. I've noticed with the Shoei, when the chinbar is closed, there's still a bit of "wiggle", this is not the case with my old BMW Flip-Front. With the older helmet when the chinbar is closed, there's no movement.

Question: is this movement of the Shoei chinbar normal and, could it be causing the excessive noise?

Thanks in advance

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    I have the same helmet and it makes more noise then a integral helmet, but its duable. I think your helmet is not closing correctly. There shouldn’t be a wiggle.


    Got the same helmet as well, chinbar should be
    locked when closed and absolutely not wiggle. Better have it checked with an authorized Shoei dealer


    Thanks guys, unfortunately I got the helmet at the London MCN Show last weekend & don’t have a Shoei dealer anywhere close to me. I may contact Shoei direct and see what they say. Thanks for confirming that there should be no movement in the chinbar when fully closed


    I had a Neotec for about 5 years Jason, and they’re not too noisy for a ‘flip-front’. At the risk of getting shot down for stating the obvious, Ill do it anyway: make sure you close the flip-front with a positive-quick slam to ensure it goes ‘fully home’.
    If it’s no better, then nothing lost, and it’s back to ‘what they said’


    Thanks Steve. There’s no harm at all in stating the obvious
    I already tried that but, while the helmet does close, there’s no audible "click". I checked this on my BMW Flip-Front (& on my Shoei Multitec), both "click" shut.
    The Neotec closes silently. I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the closing mechanism, maybe it’s out of adjustment (if it even can be adjusted)

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