Twin Spark or single spark?


Hi Everyone 🙂 looking into getting an 1150 or a 800 in the next month or so still undecided

Question for the experts on the 1150s

ignoring the brakes Twin Spark or single spark?

Huge thanks in advance

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  1. The best of the 1150s were the single spark versions with no ABS (servo assistted brakes) the twin spark versions have a tendancy for the coils to go down on the main plugs, leaving you with just the secondary plugs and reduce performance. My 1150 single spark was trouble free for 240,000 miles. Awesome bike. Of course the 800’s more modern and lighter but chain drive, I have no experience with those.

  2. I have been driving the 1150 for a couple of years: a part from the iconic design is heavy, underpowered, shitty gearbox, high lubricant consuming. If you don’t mind not to own a boxer engine go straight for the 800, if you want a boxer go for the 1200 (2007-2010…) I now own a 1200 (2006) and it’s just amazing

  3. I have a 2010 1200 GSA , 2nd owner & now done over 93000 kms, can’t recommend enough, the guy who services mine tells me that 2010-2014 are pretty bomb proof. Best of luck on what you decide & enjoy

  4. Cheers guys I have had a 2014 liquid cooled 1200 GSA previously but was a reliability nightmare hence looking at the older models 🙂

  5. Had both, and both cracking good bikes, but all’n all a very different kind of bike.
    If you’re gonna be doing loads or mostly allroad, or venture besides the tarmac, I would ho for the 800. The 1150 is aible to do allroad but is a really heavy bike, and once the going gets tough you will be in serious doodoo with the heavy beast, where’s the much lighter 800 will just keep on going.
    If you’re mostly riding paved roads with some occasional allroad or unpaved tracks, you light consider the 1150. Keep in mind the 800 has poor suspension, seat and a non-working windscreen standard, the 1150’s suspension will probably also need an upgrade since most of them have allready lived at least one life. Seat and windscreen aren’t the best on the 1150 but are fine to start with. Never bothered to change mine on the GSA.

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