Standard or adventure and why?


Standard or adventure
and why?!


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  1. because.. Adventure is a nicer bike..

  2. For me: Adventure.
    For you: Do not ask stupid questions on FaceBook. There are enough already. What makes you think you can find the answer to that question here ? You will have to try them both and decide.

  3. What suits your use of bike best. You could figure that out yourself I guess.

  4. Ride them both, I chose the Adventure for the bigger range. If you more into off-road, the regular is obviously easier to handle, not much difference on the road

  5. It depends what you want! ADV has better wind protection (too good for hot summer), bigger gas tank (more range), different suspension and wheel base… What suits you the most

  6. I have had both and really prefer the Adventure. The standard 1200 is a great bike and we took ours all over Europe 2 up but after having an Adventure getting on a standard bike feels like riding a moped.

  7. I like the standard GS as it has a lower centre of gravity and stiffer suspension, so it handles better. The screen is easily changed, so tank range is the main thing I do prefer on the GSA.

    I’m guessing the low chassis GSA is basically the same suspension as the GS, so I will test ride it before I change my bike to see if I like the handling (without a full tank ).

  8. Adventure car mieux u00e9quipu00e9e (Protection, bagages, …) et grand ru00e9servoir pour plus d’autonomie.

  9. If you go for standard think about the panniers. We had the expanding plastic ones and there is a lot of weight when empty, not a great capacity and the side opening is a pain, especially when you come out of a hotel and find you have to push your bike into the traffic because other bikes parked close prevent them opening.

    After one holiday I sold them and fitted the original Touratech Zega boxes. They looked tatty quite quickly but were much, much more practical. Lighter, easy to load either loose items or with liner and if you want to get something big home just leave the top off.

    When my wife bought her 650 GS we fitted the ali boxes made for a 800GS as we did not want the plastic again.

  10. Do i need to say more?

  11. ADVENTURE – tank and it is a much better steeringmachine.

  12. What do you prefer brown bread, or white?

  13. GS standard, I’ve had both and the new adventure is too big and wide and looks awful. The older 07 adventure version was in proportion and looked great. I went for standard and Gerry cans for when I want range.(v happy).

  14. Standard, more nimble and easier to handle.

  15. I am lucky or crazy enough to own both. GSA is my choice for long overland trips due to the long fuel range and better wind protection. It is in my opinion a better value as it comes w/ guards and side cases. That being said, a fully loaded GSA it’s difficult to handle off road. All those kgs manifest themselves. My GS Rallye I have gone the opposite way to make it lighter by removing the rear rack and the passenger foot rest. This means no panniers but it’s handling is a delight compared to the Adv.

  16. GSA!! As easy as the standard one to handle and so much more convenient..

  17. Adventure. I’ve had both and prefer the width of the bike, bigger fuel tank for long trips and prefer the stainless top opening panniers.

  18. I’m 6’3 and the GSA already feels small in comparison to my last oil cooled Gsa, I personally think it depends on your own circumstances, some of my pals aren’t that tall and find the standard gs easiest to maneuver

  19. standard but with higher shocks, spokes, remove as much stuff as possible. The gsa fuel tank is totally over the top if you dont go overland and makes it feel like a truck in comparrison.

  20. Standard for me, less weight and legs are closer to the middle.

  21. Gs for me and my wife. Lower weight and easy handle

  22. ‘standard’ is fat enough already. But I have to admit, the Adventure looks much better and most probably my next bike will be the ADV.

  23. GSA just because

  24. Standard, but equiped as a gsa…

  25. Was in The same position a couple of years ago. For me I was thinking of the hard panniers and the big fuel tank as the best bits.. bought the gs cause I found an example with low miles and for a good price. Retrofitted my gs with hard panniers and higher bars and lower pegs for better ride comfort and standing position.

  26. After 4 years with a GS, I changed to the Adventure model. At the end of the day the better variant for me. A little bit more weight, but fully equipped with all the stuff I bought for my old GS. The handling is excellent.

  27. Adventure. Bigger fuel tank means I decide when I want to stop not the bike

  28. I’m not a fan of the regular GS… It’s either the GS Adventure, 1290 Super Adventure or Multistrada 1260S ud83eudd37u200du2642ufe0f

  29. I have the standard GS ’09. The most beautiful bike! So my answer is standard!!!

  30. Going back to the original question the answer seems to be that they are both very good motorcycles and you pays your money and makes your choice. I loved my GS and GSA. My GTL has been a constant battle with corrosion but they have all been great bikes to ride.

  31. I went through that recently and I wrote a bit about it.

  32. Adventure 😀

  33. If you like driving off-road, no doubt: go for a standard. It is definitely easier to handle.

  34. It’s like a pair of shoes, big boy big bike, standard boy (like me) standard GS, little boy …

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