I have a question about the Bosch Purion system


I have a question about the Bosch Purion system . .
Today I went out for my second ride on my new bike when I turned the display on and selected eco it said my expected range was 35 miles which I thought was strange as when I intially turned it on in the bike shop before I purchased it read 107 miles expected range and yes the battery was fully charged then and today.
Anyway on today’s ride it was showing 35 to start and rose steadily until at 6 miles into the ride it was saying 49 miles range in eco . .
I’m thinking that the display may show expected range based on my previous ride or am I completely wrong ??
Can anybody shed any light on what may be going on ?

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    I have a Purion and I'd say accurate. As we don't know software algorithm it's hard to say what is happening but the range settles if you stay in one mode and same pace for a bit. If you want to see what you can expect try https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-cockpit/ Note range also changes with ambient battery temp too. Less in colder temps.


    Cheers Adam for the info . . When you remember post it up pal ­čÖé


    There is probably nothing wrong with your Purion. The projected range is calculated on the base of your last few km/miles consumption and the remainder of charge in your battery, assuming the rest of the ride will be covered with the same consumption. It will vary as you go on with your ride especially if you have significant changes in loads. ( climbs/descends /accelerations, etc.) It will also change when you modifier the assistance sitting…


    Have you reset you trip distance… as norm a press of the – & + key will reset trip and est range.


    Unfortunately on purion, resetting the trip does not reset the range, Bosch removed this feature on the purion, I have been campaigning to get it re-assigned but apparently the option is not there.

    Hope this clears it up for u guys


    Thanks Richard .

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