Do you run your ebike battery flat then recharge


A question….? Do you run your ebike batterys flat then recharge …..or just recharge and use regardless of whats left in it !!!

Many thanks

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  1. I have bosch cx and theycan be part charged at any time with no damage to the battery.

  2. Fully discharge every 10 times otherwise top up after every use

  3. That's advised for all li lithium batteries

  4. I have done a lot of research on this as I built my own ebike and the battery wad the most expensive bit!

    You can almost double the life of your battery by keep the charge between 20%-90% when you go over that you strain the battery reducing its life.

    I have quite a large battery, chosen as I knew if I bought a battery I only needed to charge to 80% then it would last twice as long as a battery I run from 0-100%.

    Also if your not going to use your battery for a while. Storing it at 50% is the voltage it's most happy with.

    I do a full charge maybe twice a year as this balances the cells in your battery pack.

    I also slow charge my battery when possible. This keep the heat down and again increase your battery life.

    Google it many sources will give you details into exactly why that is.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Good Practice

    Optimal battery use is between 20% and 80% – ie aim to discharge to around 20% then charge to 80%

    Full discharges damage the battery – ie discharging to below 10%

    Keeping the battery at 100% damages the battery – ie keeping it plugged in to the charger (both through being at 100% and because it's likely to be hotter when plugged in)

    Heat damages the battery – keep as cool as possible at all times (above 0 degrees Celsius) but also keep it dry – don't store it in the fridge/freezer

    It is better to charge the battery with the device turned off
    If you need to store the battery without using it for a period of time, discharge to 40-50%

    Li-Ion batteries don't have a memory so will not suffer from frequent, small charges

  6. Bosch site says no need to discharge just recharge at any stage.

  7. That's what it states in the bosch manual!

  8. Same rules for your phone or any device that uses lithium chemistry, which at the moment is pretty much everything from your phone to your electric car.

  9. Charge after every ride, leave attached to charger until heading out the next time, after a year I have found no degradation in Batterys,

  10. Run it down close as u can to a few percent , charge immediately store fully charged

  11. Dont leave battery fully charged if your not using it leave about 2 bars if not using for afew days dont discharge to empty and leave

  12. Ok guys , I'm a Bosch trained e-bike mechanic . I went to the Bosch training center . The battery can be charged at whatever amount is left in the battery . Don't leave a battery fully discharged . needs to be left between 40% and 80% . Do not leave a battery in under 10 degree weather or over 110 degrees . It will create ground spikes in the cells between anode and cathode and ruin them . Do not fully charge a battery and leave it in storage . Reason being is if the temp increases in a stored battery from the original temp of charge the battery will have no room for expansion . This will result in the battery catching on fire . Lithium supplies it's own oxygen supply and needs to be immersed in water or smothered in sand . We have this issue in the desert in Calif and AZ . Garages can become 150 degrees and charging a battery in A/C at 75 degrees and then putting in garage is a serious no /no !

  13. Luckily in the Scottish Highlands we don't have A/C in our houses and garages require heaters most of time

  14. Hey Michael i have a neoprene jacket on my battery for a bit of protection and hopefully to keep it from getting too cold in the winter, is it OK too charge the battery with the neoprene cover on the battery?
    Thanks .

  15. Yes Dave .The battery does not heat up when charging so a cover won't be an issue . Covers are great for extreme cold or hot .In the heat they keep the sunlight off of the battery which can cause an overload problem . We ran our bikes in the snow at about thirty degrees uncovered with no problems .

  16. Does any1 have the bosch cx & if so, does ur charger get hot while charging the battery?

  17. Yes my charger gets warm . . Standard 🙂

  18. Cheers. Only just noticed mine does lol. Thank again.

  19. We use the 2amp bosch charger . It doesn't get as warm !

  20. All chargers give off heat as they are not 100% efficient. The more efficient a charger the less heat, for chargers of equal amps output.

  21. Important to check on your household insurance…. some have exclusion of cover for fires started naked flames or lithium batteries etc!! We put our charger on an oven proof plate which dissipates the heat and would hopefully protect the floor/kitchen work surface in the event of the unit overheating (Y) 😉

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