Finally bit the bullet and bought a clake


Finally bit the bullet and bought a clake. After consulting with mr you tube, there seems to be several different ways of bleeding a clutch. What do you guys find to be the most effective way?


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  1. Reverse bleed with a big syringe is the best way. Takes all of 2mins.

  2. I just switched the line onto the clake, filled it up, then top bled it by twitching the lever etc, same way you do with brakes. Came good almost straight away as I remember

  3. Back bleed it , best way I found . Clake reckons they come with oil , I've purchased two of them and both dry as

  4. Thanks for your imput guys. I went to the chemist and grabbed a selection of large syringes to give back bleeding a go. Hope the sheila that served me doesn't think I'm some hard core junkie

  5. I recently installed the Clake Pro lever with rear brake pedal. Now THAT was a mission to bleed. Clutch only should be piss easy. Reverse bleed

  6. Just have one more question. The brembo unit I'm taking off states to use dot 4 – 5.1 brake fluid. I have a bottle of motul dot 3 – 4. Will this be okay to use?

  7. You need to specify which fluid your bike uses when you buy the Clake as it needs to be compatible with the cable etc.

  8. All fitted and works a charm. Just heavily flushed it with the dot 3-4 and that's what she'll now run. Lars Eiritz don't you run a husky smoker with a clake? What fluid did you wack in there?


  9. With the new clake and bike on stand does the rear wheel still spin slightly with the clutch pulled in?

  10. How much lighter does the clutch feel with clake?

  11. Heaps lighter mate. I reckon at least 50% lighter . Plus the shape of the lever means you can 1 finger clutch pull with out crushing your other fingers. $412 delivered well spent. Pissing down rain here, so haven't been able to test properly. Went for a quick strap around the block and feels remarkably better. Bit strange the rear wheel running on with clutch engaged. I've got a kato 690 and when clutch is engaged the rear wheel stops. Be interesting to hear from other 300 owners if this is normal. I'm guessing so. Back to the clake, theres an adjustment screw that will allow as soft or hard a pull as you want.

  12. $412?! Jeez. Makes the $850 (second hand) I paid for the top of the line Clake Pro lever seem like even more of a bargain haha. Would be money well spent though mate especially after a long day in the saddle doing some hard stuff…

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